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These wood machines are prevailing in the wood industry in the world. Such as saw mill, wood debarker, wood shaving machine, wood crusher, wood chipper, etc.

Wood pallet machine

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine

Shuliy wood pallet machine is to produce quality wooden pallets from sawdust, wood shavings, rice husks, etc. by high temperature…

Shuliy wood crusher machine

Wood Crusher Machine for Sawdust Making

Wood crusher machine is to shred wood, branches, twigs, fir, etc. into sawdust for charcoal or paper making, with a…

Disc chipper-log chipper

Disc Chipper for wood log chips making

Disc chipper is to process logs, bamboo, lumber, etc. into regular wood chips(2-5cm) with a capacity of 500-8000kg/h, having high…

Large wood shaving machine for sale

Commercial Wood Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding

Wood shaving machine is for mass production of thin wood shavings of uniform thickness for animal bedding, like horse bedding,…

Wood sawmill machine

Wood Sawmill Machine for Wood Cutting

The wood sawmill machine is to cut wood logs within 0-500cm at the required thickness for further processing, such as…

Wood debarker-log debarker

Wood Debarker for Logs Bark Removal

Wood debarker is to peel wood logs, lumps, branches, wooden sections, irregular woods, etc. with 50-500mm dia. and a peeling…

shuliy machinery

About Us

Shuliy Machinery is very famous in the wood machine industry and built for more than 20 years. Considering the “bring the machine to every corner of the world” as the principle, we are deeply expertised in this wood industry. Our products include: wood derbarker, saw mill, wood shaving machine, wood crusher, wood chipper, etc. They are known worldwide because of their excellent quality, powerful functions, and strong adaptability.

Strengths of Shuliy Machinery

Rich experiences in importing & exporting

Shuliy machinery has been in this area for decades of years, every staff has extensive knowledge to provide the optimal solution.

Strict quality control system

We carry out a series of quality control rules, to ensure the machine is in good condition. Thus, our wood machines are well received among the world.

Various machine types

One machine has different types for catering to customers’ needs. For the convenience of our customers, we have a variety of machine shapes.

Factory Strength

Shuliy machinery is integrated with manufacturing and trading, with its powerful factory strengths and its unique design talent, occupying a leading position in the wood machine industry.


Successful cases

Our wood machines are exported all over the world, such as to America, Australia, South Africa, Morocco, Saudi Arabic, Germany, UAE, Bhutan, Botswana, Slovakia, Roman, Philippines, Canada, etc. And the following are the case studies of each country.

Compressed wood pallet press machine factory visit

The Turkish customer visited our compressed wood pallet press machine...

Log debarker for sale

The head of a company in Pakistan was planning to...

Vertical bandsaw mill for sale

A customer from the USA was faced with the challenge...

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