The disc chipper is a kind of wood chipper machine, belonging to the wood processing equipment, used widely in the wood industry. This wood machine has a great role in the processing wood area, for getting the log chips. Our disc type wood chipper is very popular in the world. If you want to invest in this machine in the wood industry, you should know information about the machine. I hope this article helps you know more about the wood chipper.

What is a disc chipper?

The disc chipper is a kind of wood chip making machine. It is a special wood chipping machine used for producing high-quality wood chips. The wood chip slicer is the special equipment for preparing high-quality wood chips, which is suitable for paper mills, particle board mills, fiberboard mills, and wood chip production bases. It can cut logs and small-diameter wood into high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform length, flat cut, and even thickness, and can also cut maidenwood and lumber, etc.

What raw materials can be chipped?

Because of getting wood chips, what kind of materials are applicable similar to the drum type wood chipper?

The logs, some discarded wood, bamboo, lumber, pipe, and leather materials are cut into small pieces of certain sizes. Using the disc chipper, you can get a good chipping effect.

Applications of log chips

The disc chipper is a kind of special equipment for producing wood chips, which is widely used in paper making, particle board, medium fiber board, etc. The main raw material is the log.

What is the disc chipper design?

Commerical wood chipper has a simple structure. The internal part is the key part, including the flywheel and blade. Two ports are respectively for inlet and outlet. Although there are many different shapes of this machine, the essence of the machine construction is the same. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

How does a disc chipper work?

First, put the wood log from the feeder. The wood log comes into the core part to be chipped. The blades rotate with the flywheel because one side is fixed on the flywheel. Thus, the logs are chipped. Then, the chips will get out from the discharge port. Eventually, you can get high-quality chips.

Internal display of the disc chipper
internal display of the disc chipper

Advantages of disc chipper for sale

  1. Simple structure, compact arrangement, cheap price, stable work, low energy consumption, high output, good quality, and low cost of the finished product.
  2. When cutting logs, the quality of wood chips is high and the length of wood chips can be freely adjusted within the specified range.
  3. Wide range of applications. In addition to wood, it can also be used to chip bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, and other fibrous culm-like materials.
  4. Wood log chipper with high output, low energy consumption, high-quality wood chips, and high-cost performance.
  5. Various usages. The chips can be as fuel for the power plant, for sale, for paper making, for front preparation for the production line, etc.

Technical specifications of the disc wood chipper

ModelCapacityInput sizeOutput sizePower
SL-420500kg/h150*150mm2-5cm11kW motor or 15hp diesel engine
SL-6001500kg/h180*150mm2-5cm18.5kW motor or 22hp diesel engine
SL-8003000kg/h200*200mm2-5cm30kW motor or 40hp diesel engine
SL-9504000kg/h230*250mm2-5cm37kW motor or 60hp diesel engine
SL-12005000kg/h330*300mm2-5cm55kW motor
SL-14007000-8000kg/h400*400mm2-5cm90kW motor

Successful case: industrial log chipper sold to Germany

A customer from Germany wanted a wood chipper to make wood chips and sell them. Since the wood chips were to be sold, the quality of the machine was required to be very high. When he contacted us, we recommended this chipper to him based on his requirements. The information included photos of various shapes of the machine, working videos, parameters, etc. After browsing, the German customer was very satisfied with the machine and asked for a trial run. Our sales manager came to the factory for a test run, with a video link throughout. After observing the effect of the machine, the German customer immediately placed an order. We finally shipped the machine by sea to his country.

disc chipper in stock

Working video of the wood disc chipper