Shuliy wood block making machine is very efficient to make sawdust blocks for commercial use. The block is formed under high temperature and pressure. This machine is available in double outlets, triple outlets, quadruple outlets, etc. The double outlet can produce the block in the conventional model and the European standard. The three-export machine can only make blocks below 100mm. If you want more details, welcome to contact us immediately!

Types of block making machine

Sawdust block machine with the square hopper

Model-1: wood block machine with the square hopper

When using this type of machine, directly put the material in, also function to mix. Then form under the hydraulic condition, the finished product, that is, long blocks are formed.

Wood block machine with the round hopper

Model-2: sawdust block machine with the round hopper

From the picture, you can clearly see that there is a motor above the hopper of the machine, which can be stirred when the material is put in.

Raw materials used for the compressed wood block making machine

Shuliy wood briquette machine’s raw material is the same as that of molded pallet machine, both have wood waste, wood chips, wood shavings, fiber, bamboo, etc. However, it should be noted that the moisture should be less than 10% when making blocks.

Raw materials for wood pallet making machine
raw materials for wood pallet making machine

Final products manufactured by the wood sawdust block making machine

Finished products-wood blocks

There are two kinds of blocks, one is solid and one is holed. Each has its own advantages.

Solid: prevent moisture

Holed: the heat disappears quickly and the moisture also evaporates quickly

Also, The blocks are available in conventional(2-3mm) and European standard(>3mm) models.

What size of wood blocks can be produced?

Block size: 75*75mm, 90*90mm, 100*100mm, 145*145mm, 145*100mm, etc.

Usually, It’s the common size when the size is below 100mm. And above 100mm, it’s the European standard.

Size for the wood blocks
size for the wood blocks

Structure of the wood pallet block making machine

1: Control cabinet: set all the parameters, convenient and fast. Also, it’s safe when using the machine.

2: Motor: provide power when the machine works.

3: Hopper: as the container to hold the raw materials for making blocks.

4: Working chamber: core part to produce the suitable blocks. It has the high-temperature sheet inside.

5: Outlet: finished products come out from this outlet.

6: Cutting machine: because the block is whole, you should use the machine to cut the block into a satisfying size. For this machine, Shuliy has the hand sawmill and automatic cutter machine available. You can choose based on your needs.

Wood pallet block making machine structure
wood pallet block making machine structure

How to process the sawdust block?

Actually, it’s very easy to understand how wood block making machine works.

Firstly, put the raw materials into the bin.

Then, stir the raw materials and the materials will enter into the working part.

Next, the materials go through conditions that are high temperature and high pressure, so the materials form a shape.

Finally, the whole block shape, and use the small sawmill machine to cut the blocks into the proper ones.

Successful case: wood chip block making machine sold to Indonesia

Recently, we exported the sawdust wood block hot pressing machine to Indonesia. Through the conversation, we learned that this Indonesian customer has a wood processing plant and needs to process the leftover scrap after wood processing and sell it by himself. Based on the information he provided, we recommended the wood recycling machine: compressed wood pallet machine, and wood briquetting machine to him. After understanding the information, he immediately placed an order for this wood block making machine.

Load of the wood block making machine
load of the wood block making machine

Technical parameters of the commercial wood block making machine


Working video of the wood block making machine