Compressed wood pallet press machine factory visit

Compressed wood pallet press machine factory visit by Turkish customer

The Turkish customer visited our compressed wood pallet press machine factory to see whether our company's strength and machine performance meet his needs.

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Log debarker for sale

Export SL-370 log debarker for sale to Pakistan for poplar trees peeling

The head of a company in Pakistan was planning to buy Model 370 log debarker for sale to meet the needs of his match manufacturing business. The company aims to....

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Vertical bandsaw mill for sale

U.S.A. client uses our vertical bandsaw mill for wood cutting

A customer from the USA was faced with the challenge of processing a large 80 cm diameter log. He sought an efficient and reliable solution to cope with this large....

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Large wood crusher

Send SL-1400 large wood crusher to Indonesia

Recently, a customer from Indonesia made a site visit to our factory and made clear their needs for waste wood processing equipment. They are in urgent need of a large....

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Indonesian clients visited industrial wood crusher factory

Indonesian customers visit industrial wood crusher plant

Recently, we are honored to welcome a team of valued customers from Indonesia to visit our industrial wood crusher plant for a site visit. Indonesian clients visited industrial wood crusher....

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Pressed wood pallet machine factory visit

Our pressed wood pallet machine factory visit by Southeast Asian clients

At an important event recently, we were honored to receive a team of customers from Southeast Asia, who made a special visit to learn more about our pressed wood pallet....

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Mini wood crusher machine

For waste wood processing: buy mini wood crusher machine for Turkey

The Turkish customer is a wood processing enterprise, mainly engaged in sawing, processing and selling wood. They produce a large amount of waste wood in the production process, which needs....

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Wood debarking machine

Shuliy wood debarking machine assists Sierra Leone carpentry shop

Very happy to have worked with a customer in Sierra Leone on a wood debarking machine. This customer is located in Sierra Leone and runs a carpentry shop specializing in....

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Wood pallet shredder machine

SL-1000 wood pallet shredder machine sent to Australia

Our wood pallet shredder machine has achieved remarkable success in Australia. This machine not only solves the problem of shredding the customer's wooden pallet waste, but also provides an efficient and....

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Tree debarking machine

Czech client buys Shuliy tree debarking machine quickly

The Shuliy tree debarking machine is very popular in the Czech Republic, and a customer in the Czech Republic recently learned about our wood peeler online and placed an order....

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