Wood debarking machine

Shuliy wood debarking machine assists Sierra Leone carpentry shop

Very happy to have worked with a customer in Sierra Leone on a wood debarking machine. This customer is located in Sierra Leone and runs a carpentry shop specializing in....

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Wood pallet shredder machine

SL-1000 wood pallet shredder machine sent to Australia

Our wood pallet shredder machine has achieved remarkable success in Australia. This machine not only solves the problem of shredding the customer's wooden pallet waste, but also provides an efficient and....

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Tree debarking machine

Czech client buys Shuliy tree debarking machine quickly

The Shuliy tree debarking machine is very popular in the Czech Republic, and a customer in the Czech Republic recently learned about our wood peeler online and placed an order....

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Debarking machine for sale

SL-370 debarking machine for sale to Pakistan

A customer in Pakistan recently purchased a Shuliy debarking machine for sale. The machine model is SL-370, with a power of 11kw + 2.2kw, and a voltage of 380V 50Hz,....

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Wood hammer mill

500-600kg/h wood hammer mill shipped to Malta

Here we're thrilled to share that one Malta client purchased a wood hammer mill and a wood plate shredder in July 2023. These two machines were purchased with the aim....

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Pine shaving machine

Export of SL-600 pine shaving machine to UAE

Our pine shaving machine is very popular in the field of making shavings for animal beddings. Now, we're glad to share with you that a customer from UAE ordered a....

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Log peeler machine

SL-370 log peeler machine sold to Spain

In June 2023, our Spanish client bought one SL-370 log peeler machine for wood processing. The deal process is very quick. After confirming his wood debarker model, he made a....

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Diesel engined log peeler

SL-320 log peeler shipped to Australia

Great news! In June 2023, a customer from Australia successfully purchased a highly efficient log peeler that has brought him significant efficiency gains and convenience in handling large quantities of....

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Commercial wood shaving machine

600-1000kg/h commercial wood shaving machine sold to South Africa

Good news to Shuliy! One customer from South Africa bought one commercial wood shaving machine with a capacity of 600-1000kg/h and 2 sets of blades. commercial wood shaving machine wood....

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Waste wood crusher machine

500-600kg/h waste wood crusher machine sold to Indonesia

Congralutions to Shuliy! In May, we received an inquiry from a customer from Indonesia who needed a waste wood crusher machine for processing sawdust as mushroom ingredients. waste wood crusher....

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