The wood sawmill machine is a very important wood machine in wood processing. If you have a furniture factory, then you must have said in your mind “I wish a saw mill near me”. You can see from this how practical the machine is. If you are interested, please contact us!

What is a sawmill machine?

A saw mill is a machine that cuts the wood into evenly sized boards that can be further processed for the next step, such as making furniture, or for sale. Usually, before using a wood sawmill machine, we use a wood debarking machine to debark the trees and then saw them, so that the boards that come out are of better quality. This can be used whether you want to do the next step of processing or selling. The lumber mills like this kind of machine very much!

This amazing fastest wood sawmill machine can saw trees up to 250cm in diameter and can be used for logs and boards for ancient building construction, wooden boat manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, etc.

What materials are sawed by the wood sawmill machine?

Logs, sections, squares, timbers, etc. Various types of trees can be cut by the lumber mill. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Our professional sales manager will answer you timely and patiently!

Wood sawmill machine applications
wood sawmill machine applications

Why use the automatic wood sawmill machine?

It is well known that tree resources are found all over the world and have a wide range of uses. There are also many uses of trees. For example, making furniture, exporting lumber, etc. But when you want to do tree business, you need to do some processing of the raw material. At that time, one machine can make more profits for you.

Besides, there are always selling logs to sawmills. That’s why there is the wood saw machine, which has to be used to process the trees in a certain way. Of course, the use of the final product is different and requires different machines, which requires a flexible choice according to your needs.

Hand-sawn and machine-sawn wood
hand-sawn and machine-sawn wood

Type 1: Amazing log sawmill

This wood sawmill machine can handle trees ≤ 50cm in diameter and is ideal for small timber mills in the business of processing wooden plates. When using this machine for cutting wood, the thickness of the planks can be adjusted by adjusting the hand-wheel mechanism to fit your needs. Besides, it can be equipped with mobile wheels for easy movement and outdoor work.

Structure of automatic wood sawmill machine

The composition of this machine is very simple. It has a machine, a saw blade wheel, and a motor.

When working, the two saw blades cut the tree along the track forward.

Advantages of the band sawmill

  1. Infrared recognition. The use of infrared light can be more precise and accurate for cutting wood boards.
  2. The saw blade can be sharpened with a grinder. Because of a long time of use, the saw blade will become dull. This time you can use the grinding machine for sharpening so that the saw blade is sharp and shiny again.
  3. The device to fix the wood. This device can be set to manual or steam. This can be chosen according to your needs.
  4. When the sawing machine is working, the working track is cut – reset – cut again. In the process of resetting, the machine does not carry out the sawing work.

Technical parameters of the wood sawmill machine

Max sawing wood length4000mm4000mm4000mm
Max sawing wood diameter3000mm4000mm5000mm
Motor power7.5kW*211+7.5kW11kW*2
Dimension 8000X1600X1600mm8000X1600X1600mm 8000X1600X1600mm
Weight 750kg750kg750kg

For the SL-500 model, we have the specific parameters, shown below:

SL-500 model1m1.5m2m2.5m3m4m
Feed length0-100cm0-150cm0-200cm0-250cm0-300cm0-400cm
Feeding diameter0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm0-500mm
Motor Power11kW*211kW*211kW*211kW*211kW*211kW*2
Total Weight500kg550kg600kg650kg700kg750kg

Type 2: Vertical bandsaw machine

This type of wood sawmill machine can handle wood up to 80cm-100cm in diameter and are suitable for medium and large sawmills. The finished products have similar usages, possible for lumber export or for the next step of processing for various needs of lumber, such as furniture factories. Compared to these three types of sawmills, this vertical band saw is the most cost-effective and popular in the market. If you need or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Composition of the commercial wood sawmill machine

It is mainly composed of bed, wheel, upper wheel lifting, and tilting device, band saw blade tensioning device, saw blade guiding device, working table, guiding plate, and so on.

When working, the ring-shaped endless band saw blade is as a selector, around the two saw wheels for a one-way linear motion to cut wood. Also, some parts are underground.

Characteristics of quality sawmill machine

  1. Saw blades can also be sharpened. That is, when the saw blade is dull, the saw blade can be sharpened by using the grinder machine.
  2. This machine has high efficiency and the best cost performance.
  3. The thickness of the cutting plates is not adjustable.
  4. One thing to note is that when working on the foundation, part of the machine is underground.

Failure analysis of common problems

When the saw blade is running with the saw wheel, it moves back and forth or suddenly goes in and out, this situation is called dropping the blade. There are several reasons as follows:

  1. Maybe the upper wheel is tilted, adjust the upper wheel.
  2. The outer diameter taper of the saw wheel is too large, and the saw wheel is not flat. Fine grinding, leveling the rim surface.
  3. The wood is split and jammed when returning to the material, pulling it off. Pay attention to wood defects when operating.
  4. The clip saw is hot, and the suitability of tension is reduced or even disappeared. Clear the resin sawdust on the saw wheel and saw blade and the debris on the saw card, and brush oil frequently.

Saw out of the wood bending, there are generally the following reasons(saw machine reasons):

  1. Tensioning device does not work, the heavy hammer is too light. General repair tensioning device, weight hammer.
  2. Saw wheel rim surface wear, front, and rear diameter are not the same as grinding wheel rim surface.

What are the parameters of the modern wood sawmill machine?

Saw wheel diameter1600mm1250mm
Max sawing wood diameter800mm1000mm
Motor power30KW45KW
Sawing thickness settingCNCCNC
Wood clamping modelElectricHydraulic
Max sawing wood length4000mm6000mm

Type 3: Large wood sawmill machine

The big timber sawmill, also known as a gantry saw, is named after its shape. This machine can handle wood up to 150cm-250cm in diameter, ideal for large factories, selling or exporting lumber. This machine is easy to use and saves labor. And the cut surface for discharge is flat. The track can be as long or as short as you want. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!

What makes up the biggest wood sawmill machine?

This machine is mainly composed of two saw wheels on the left and right, sawing machine, the working table, the control cabinet, etc.

When working, the track of the horizontal sawmill is fixed and the saw blade section is in motion. The wood is stationary on the track and the saw blade area is working in motion.

Industrial sawmill machine details
industrial sawmill machine details

Features of the wood sawmill machine for sale

  1. There are two types of control available: CNC and PLC.
  2. When working, the track is fixed and the saw blade moves.
  3. The diameter of the dealt wood is large, suitable for large sawmill(wood mill near me or other areas) use.
  4. The thickness of the wood to be cut is adjustable.
  5. The machine is determined according to the maximum diameter of the wood-handled.

Sawmill wood cutting machine specifications

Saw wheel diameter1000mm1070mm
Max sawing wood diameter1500mm2500mm
Motor power37KW55KW
Sawing thickness setting350mm450mm
Max sawing wood length6000mm6000mm

Matters needing attention

  1. Fixed with a dedicated operator of the machine working area, the operator should carefully read the handover records and know the last shift of its operating conditions and the existence of questions.
  2. Check the safety equipment, it should be completely free of defects. Do not operate machine tools without protective equipment.
  3. Cutters and wood should be correctly clamped, fastened, and reliable.
  4. Pay close attention to the operating conditions, smooth condition, temperature rise condition sound condition of the machine. If any abnormalities, you should immediately stop to solve the problem before continuing to work.

Working video of three types of wood sawmill machine