Wood shaving machine, also known as wood shavings mill, log shaving machine, wood shavings machine, or shavings processing equipment. The wood shavings machine is mainly used for mass production of thin shavings of uniform thickness. And wood shavings and thickness can be adjusted by blade inclination.

This shavings mill can process logs, branches (twigs ), and board edges into shavings, producing the same shavings as those produced by furniture factories. It’s fully automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed while saving time and manpower.

This wood shaver from Shuliy machinery is often exported to South Africa and neighboring countries. It should be noted that when shaving logs, it is better to use the wood debarking machine first and then shave.

wood shavings machine working video

Hot sale wood shaving machine

In Shuliy machinery, there are many types of wood shaver machines available. Lots of machines with different capacities, configurations(power sources), sizes, etc. are for your choice.

We design these models to cater to the market needs and customers’ demands. So, if you are interested, or you have any unique ideas, welcome to contact us!

Applications of wood shavings produced by shavings mill

After using a wood shaving machine for wood shavings production, wood shavings can be made into particle board (plywood), as raw materials for wood pulp paper in the paper mills, transport filler for fragile goods in the transport companies, for small-scale nests for chicken, horse, pigs, cattle, sheep and a variety of animals as bedding, can also be used as bioenergy.

Need to pay attention to which to make bedding for animals, many countries and regions use this function, such as cattle and horse breeders.

How is composed of a commercial wood shaving machine?

It includes the frame, the internal structure of the blade, and the knife plate. The platform is placed on the frame, and the knife frame is fixed on the platform.

Quality log shaver structure
quality log shaver structure

The wood enters the shavings mill machine by the inlet, and the shavings are sliced by the blade inside the machine. The size and thickness of the shavings come out evenly, and there is no difference with the shavings from the wood factory by hand.

Spotlights of the wood shavings machine for animal bedding

  1. The thickness of the wood shavings can be adjusted by adjusting the tilt of the blade.
  2. In terms of appearance, there are two ways of importing the machine: vertical and inclined import.
  3. The internal structure is composed of a blade and a single disc.

Working principle of the wood shavings mill for sale

This machine is an automatic crushing and processing equipment for wood into shavings. After the raw material enters the feeding port, it will first enter the crushing chamber by the blade.

Under the action of high-speed rotating blades, shavings are made. Then the wind generated by the built-in wind blade is pumped to the material outlet through the outlet or external fan. The size of the shavings can be adjusted to suit various needs.

Technical parameters of industrial wood shaving machine

ModelCapacityPowerFeeding inlet sizeBladeMachine size
wood shaving machine specifications

Successful cases of wood shavings machine

small wood shaving machine sold to South Africa

This year a customer from South Africa wanted us to ask about wood shaving machines for animal bedding. So our sales manager recommended this machine to him. Of course, the sales manager also sent him the relevant machine parameters, configuration, price, etc.

The South African customer felt very satisfied after reading it and immediately placed an order with us. We have been sending pictures and videos to the customer during the production of the machine to report the progress. After that, we arranged shipping to the customer’s destination. After he received it, he was very satisfied and said he would cooperate with us again when he had the chance.

Wood shavings machine for horse bedding exported to UAE

A lumber harvester company in UAE wants wood shavings as horse bedding, our wood shaver machine produces high-quality wood shavings specially designed for this purpose and has been successfully exported to UAE. This pine shaving machine can efficiently process wood into fine and comfortable horse bedding, which is favored by the local market.

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