Shuliy’s wood pallet production line is dedicated to the production of moulded wooden pallets using wood chips, shavings, sawdust, waste wood, etc. In fact, it is a pallet making machine production line for the reuse of all kinds of waste wood, which belongs to the protection of the environment.

Moulded pallets are available in the usual sizes or can be customized to suit the customer’s needs. It mainly depends on the customer’s needs.

Why invest in the production of wooden pallets?

Wooden pallets are a kind of dragging tray made of purely natural wood. Because of their cheap price, easy production & processing, and strong application of manufactured products, wooden pallets are widely used in freight logistics transport, container delivery, and other industries.

So, it has a great role in the packaging and delivery function. Investing in the automatic wood pallet production line is a great choice for those who have waste wood or shells to make a profit.

Machine list in the compressed wooden pallet production line

The following list shows the machines used in the production line for pallets. When customers choose to buy, they can make the appropriate collocations according to their actual needs.

S/NMachine nameMachine pictureSpecification
(with the conveyor)
Drum wood chipperModel: SL-216
Capacity: 3-10T/H
Power: 55KW
Final size: 5cm
Dimension: 2735*2200*1200mm
Weight: 4tons
2ConveyorConveyorLength: 6m
Width: 60cm
(with cyclone)
Electric hammer millModel: SL-800
Capacity: 1.5-2tons per hour
Power: 37-45KW
Quantity of blades: 50pcs
Dimension: 2.5*1.4*1.5m
Weight: 1.5tons
4Screw feederScrew feederLength: 5m
5Sawdust dryer
(with dust collector part etc.)
Sawdust dryerModel-1000
Power: 13kw in total
Capacity: 3000kg/h
Weight: 6tons
Dimension: 1*10m
6Bucket elevatorBucket elevatorLength: 7-8m
7Stock binStock binLC-40 (with discharging conveyor)
Volume: 40m³
Size: 5000*3000*4500mm
Weight: 4tons
8Glue mixerGlueModel: SLD-2
Capacity: 1-1.5tons/h
Power: 5.5kw
With electronic weighter and glue spray
Size: 6000x1800x3500mm
Weight: 3.5tons
9Thermal oil furnace heated by biomass material
(Including whole set pipes, boilers,
pumps, cabinet, etc)
Thermal oil furnaceModel: SGL-350T
Rated Power: 350KW
Rated thermal pressure: 0.8MPa
Rated working temperature: 320℃
Size: 2*2*7m
Weight: 6tons
10Moulded Wood Pallet MachineCompressed-wood-pallet-machineModel: TP-800-102 with two molds
Molds size: 1200*800mm(Customizable)
Voltage: 11kw(newest)
Capacity: 220pcs/day
Theoretical pressure: 800t
Working pressure: 25MPa
Oil Cylinder: Φ360*4pcs
Stroke: 400mm
Dimension: 3.3m*3m*3.2m
Weight: 25tons
11Intelligent electric control cabinet/Connect and control the chipper and crusher

Wooded pallets moulds – wood pallet market size

The dimensions of our wooden pallet moulds can be customised to suit the needs of our customers. We have both common market sizes and can also specialise in customisation. Our wood pallet production line is also known as the EUR pallet production line. So, when you want to invest in an automatic pallet production line, please let us know the size of the wood pallets you want to produce and we will customise them for you.

Projects of moulded wood pallet production line

Over the past few years, our wood pallet production line for sale has been sold overseas on a regular basis. One customer in Mexico, for example, bought the line to process his company’s waste. Of course, when he bought the line, our sales manager also configured the line to suit his situation. Here are some of the details for your reference.

How to process pallet wood? – moulded wood pallet production line working video