The wood pallet shredder is used to crush wooden pallets, wooden furniture, building formwork(with nails), etc into irregular wood chips(2-6cm) with a capacity of 10-30t/h.

This machine can handle wood waste in large quantities, an optimal solution for the treatment of wood waste from large production volumes. It’s ideal for large wood processing plants or businesses.

Featuring wide applicability of materials, mass processing wood wastes, and flexible operating mode, this industrial wood waste crusher attracts customers worldwide, such as Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

working video of wood waste crusher

Features of industrial wood pallet shredder

  • Capacity of 10-30t/h. This comprehensive crusher can shred a large number of waste wood materials. It can process 10-30 tons in one hour, which is very efficient.
  • Crushing wood wastes with nails, wooden pallets, framework, etc. This device is very powerful and can be used for recycling waste wood, like pallets, furniture or branches.
  • Adjustable final products of 2-6cm. The size of the finished product is seen by adjusting the number of pressure roller blades and the screen.
  • Adjustable feeding speed of 2-18m/min. This machine adopts chain plate-type feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the load of the main motor.
  • Equipped with a magnetic device. This is mainly for the wood with nails, which can separate the nails from the finished product when conveying.
  • Multiple configurations. Conveyor for final products, hammer mill for further processing, 2 feeding rollers, etc. All these can be equipped according to your needs.

Technical parameters of large wood pallet shredder

Feeding inlet size1000*600mm1300*800mm1600*1050mm
Final products size2-6cm2-6cm2-6cm
Feeding methodTrough chain conveyor(frequency control)Trough chain conveyor(frequency control)Trough chain conveyor(frequency control)
Chain plate width1000mm1300mm1530mm
Feeding conveyor length5000mm5000mm5000mm
Feeding conveyor speed(adjustable by frequency conversion)2-18m/min2-18m/min2-18m/min
Feed chain material16MN, 6cm thickness16MN, 6cm thickness16MN, 6cm thickness
Discharging methodBelt conveyingBelt conveyingBelt conveying
Conveyor rack materialIntegrated channel steel conveyor bracketIntegrated channel steel conveyor bracketIntegrated channel steel conveyor bracket
Conveyor width800mm1200mm1400mm
Conveyor length8-10m8-10m8-10m
Main powerMotorMotorMotor
Motor modelNational standard 110kw motor (100% copper wire)National standard 165kw motor (100% copper wire)330kw
Feed chain conveyor motor5.5kw(frequency conversion)7.5kw(frequency conversion)15kw(frequency conversion)
Feeding roller motor4kw(frequency conversion)7.5kw(frequency conversion)11kw(frequency conversion)
Bottom conveyor motor3kw4kw5.5kw
Discharge conveyor motor4kw4kw5.5kw
Hydraulic oil pump motor3kw3kw3kw
specifications of industrial wood pallet shredder

The above are the specific parameters of the three models of hot sale, it should be noted that the output and finished product size can be adjusted according to customers’ needs.

What raw materials can be processed?

Next, let’s see how powerful our multifunctional comprehensive crusher is. What materials can be crushed?

This machine can pulverize wooden pallets, wooden furniture, wooden doors and windows, construction templates(with nails), tree stumps, branches, template waste, house demolition waste, doors and windows, etc. It can also handle logs, small-diameter wood, wood harvesting residues (such as branches), and wood processing residues (such as bark, slats, log cores, and waste veneer).

Applications of wood pallet shredder machine
applications of wood pallet shredder machine

Besides, it can be used to cut non-wooden raw materials, such as sisal, reeds, Moso bamboo, etc.

wood waste processed by shuliy wooden pallet shredding machine

Structure of wood pallet shredder

The structure of the wood pallet shredding machine is full of ingenuity everywhere, and the main internal structure is composed of the hammer roller and screen. Please see the detailed description of the structure.

  1. Two feeding pressure rollers, more convenient feeding.
  2. There is an automatic lifting device at the feeding mouth, and the pull rod will be automatically stretched.
  3. The outlet can be equipped with a conveyor belt, configured according to customer requirements, generally with a conveyor belt.
  4. There is a pallet shredder with a magnet device at the discharge position, which serves to separate the nails from the crushed material.
  5. There are two kinds of conveying devices: metal chain plate and belt. The metal chain plate is used mainly because some materials to be crushed have nails, etc.
  6. With two motors, there are enough power resources to work the machine.
Structure of the comprehensive crusher shredder
structure of the comprehensive crusher shredder

Working principle of wood pallet shredder machine

The wood pallet crusher mainly relies on the impact energy to complete the crushing wood operation.

When working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed and the wood enters the cavity. The high-speed rotating hammerhead impacts the wood, causing it to be crushed.

At the same time, adding the gravity of the wood itself, the woods are crushed.

In the lower part, there is a screen. The wood that is smaller than the screen size is discharged. But the wood that is larger than the screen size remains and continues to be struck and ground by the hammers.   

wood pallet shredder working video

Successful cases of industrial waste wood crusher

Industrial wood pallet shredder exported to Canada

Feedback on large wood pallet shredder
Feedback On Large Wood Pallet Shredder

Our client from Canada is trying to enter the wood business. He has strong capital and a wide range of investment areas and is involved in more industries.

The main purpose of buying this wood crusher is for roughing and preparing the wood for further processing into sawdust later.

Just like the wood chipper machine, it is used for the front end of the production line.

Because this industrial wood crusher can shred a wide range of wood materials, the customer chose it.

Later, this Canadian customer placed an order. We started the machine production and arranged the shipment.

After receiving the machine, the Canadian customer immediately put it into use and was very satisfied with the results. He also sent the feedback picture(listed on the left).

Send Shuliy shredder for wood pallets for Australia

Our multifunctional comprehensive crusher was successfully exported to Australia for efficient crushing of wooden pallets and other wood wastes.

The Australian customer chose Shuliy’s equipment because of its powerful processing capacity and stable performance.

The equipment greatly improves the customer’s working efficiency and reduces the problem of wood waste accumulation.

Indonesian customer uses wood pallet crusher for wood recycling

Shuliy’s large wood waste crusher was successfully installed and put into operation in a wood processing plant in Indonesia.

The Indonesian customer sees the durability and high efficiency of the machine for processing a large amount of wood waste and branches, which provides strong support for local wood recycling and reuse, and significantly improves production efficiency.

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