The wood crusher machine is efficient wood equipment that processes wood, branches, twigs, etc. into sawdust. This double-port wood crusher is a kind of fine crushing and shredding equipment. It is developed based on absorbing the benefits of many kinds of crushers.

Besides, this sawdust making machine fully uses the theory of impact, counterattack, mutual impact, and grinding. The shredder for wood is to produce wood fiber, wood flour, and sawdust.

The finished products are used for paper making, edible fungus, charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, high-density board, medium fiber board, etc. You also should know that it’s supporting production equipment for charcoal production.

video of wood crusher machine

Features of wood sawdust making machine

  • High-efficiency crushing: Well-designed and can quickly and efficiently crush large pieces of wood or waste wood into small wood chips or sawdust powder.
  • Diversified raw material processing: Suitable for the crushing work of various kinds of hardwood, softwood, furniture waste, forest waste and other wood raw materials.
  • Compact structure: Moderate in size, reasonable layout, easy to install and transport, while saving space.
  • Wear-resistant and durable: Key components such as knives and wearing parts are made of high-quality materials with good wear resistance and long service life.
  • Convenient maintenance: The machine has a simple structure, and the parts are easy to disassemble and overhaul, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Widely used: Wood chips produced by the wood crusher can be used in the fields of biomass energy, organic fertilizer, horticultural mulch, animal bedding, etc., with a wide range of applications.

Raw materials processed and applications of small wood crusher machine


The raw materials that can be processed by this wood shredder are wood cubes, construction templates, wood trimmings, logs, branches, straws, segments, twigs, branches, trunks, leaves, bark, pine, birch, oak, walnut, poplar, willow, paulownia, etc.

After producing sawdust, it can be used for charcoal making, paper making, etc.

Structure of the wood crusher for sale

In general, the structure of this wood log pulverizer is very easy to understand. The wood crusher machine design is always catering to your needs. It can be roughly summarized in the following parts.

Power system: our wood crusher machine can choose the motor or diesel engine, according to your needs.

Internal structure: knife plate, blades, hammer blades, screen (determines the fineness of the finished sawdust).

Wood crusher machine design
wood crusher machine design

How does this wood crusher machine work?

The power system provides the entire power required by the machine. The whole screen wraps the whole workshop.

  • Start the machine, and then feed the materials from the inlet.
  • Next, the materials enter the working chamber. In the working chamber, the blades and hammers crush and hammer the materials.
  • And combined with the screen, until the sizes of the final products satisfy your needs, the sawdust comes out from the screen and is discharged from the outlet.

What should I pay attention to when using the sawdust powder making machine?

  1. When working, the machine is partly underground, so when using it, choose a good location to place the machine first.
  2. The smallest model of wood crusher should be equipped with the cyclone. Because the cyclone has a dust collection function, it can place dust sawdust flying around during use.

How about the wood crusher machine price?

List some factors that affect the sawdust making machine price(also applicable to the hammer mill wood crusher).

  • Configuration. As a sawdust making machine manufacturer, we know that different configurations have different prices. It’s very common to know that the price is higher along with the better configuration.
  • International exchange rates. Because the current international situation is constantly changing, the exchange rate is also in constant fluctuation. Naturally, the price of machines will receive this influence.
  • Machine material. It’s very easy to understand. For example, a machine manufactured with normal metal material is cheaper than a machine produced with stainless steel material.

Maintenance of wood shredder

  1. The bearing should be filled with lubricant promptly. The bearing should be filled with lubricant once in 3-4 hours for continuous operation.
  2. After using the triangle belt for some time, the tightness should be adjusted again and it is advisable to decrease by 6-10mm.
  3. Clean the machine every day after work, check whether there are cracks or other problems, and repair the machine in time.

Commercial wood crusher machine for sale

As a professional wood crusher manufacturer and supplier, our wood machines cover all types of machines in the market. There are small ones, large ones, stationary ones, and mobile ones.

Small wood crusher machine

Sawdust making machine with different power devices

Mobile timber crusher machine

What are the parameters of the log pulverizer?

ModelCapacityPowerFeeding size
SL-420300-400kg/h11kW motor or 15hp diesel engine10cm
SL-500500-600kg/h18.5 kW motor or 30hp diesel engine15cm
SL-600800-1000kg/h30 kW motor or 60hp diesel engine17cm
SL-7001200-1500kg/h37 kW motor or 60hp diesel engine20cm
SL-9002000-2500kg/h55 kW motor or 80hp diesel engine22cm
SL-10003000-3500kg/h75kW motor or 110hp diesel engine  26cm
SL-12003500-4000kg/h90 kW or 130hp diesel engine28-30cm
wood shredder specifications

Global cases of Shuliy sawdust crusher machine

SL-420 wood waste crusher to Czech

Our wood waste crusher was successfully exported to the Czech Republic, where it is highly effective in processing hardwood and softwood waste in the context of the abundant forest resources there, helping Czech customers realize the recycling of wood waste into biomass fuels and organic mulch and other high-value products.

Diesel-powered timber crusher machine for Indonesia

In Indonesia, the timber crusher machine we supplied plays a key role in dealing with the large amount of biomass waste generated by the palm oil industry. By quickly crushing the waste tree trunks and branches into granular materials suitable for bioelectricity generation, it effectively promotes the development of local sustainable energy and reduces environmental pollution.

Mini tree branch crusher to Turkey

A large Turkish recycling company has introduced our tree branch crusher, which is specially designed to process large quantities of waste wood from furniture factories and construction sites. The machine is highly adaptable and has excellent crushing effect, providing strong support for the local environmental protection and energy regeneration fields.

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