This wood pallet block production line is especially for producing blocks with a hole or without a hole, for the purpose of waste wood recycling and making a profit. Actually, the raw materials used for this automatic wood block production line are the same as the raw material for the wooden pallet processing line, so, it’s waste recycling.

The wooden blocks are produced by high temperature and high pressure. Common and European standards both are available. We can also customize to match customers’ needs.

Who is intended to invest in this automatic wood pallet block production line?

The customer base that invests in Shuliy wood pallet block production line generally falls into two categories:

Own disposal of leftover wood scraps: This type of customer generally has their own related wood processing plants and wants to use the scraps to generate income.

Customers who are in the business of producing and selling wood blocks: These customers are specialized in the business of producing and selling wooden blocks.

Turn waste into treasure – how to profit by making wooden blocks?

Because the raw material for the production of wood blocks is the wood waste to be discarded, it is already profitable to produce again.

In addition, the produced blocks are widely used in supermarkets and logistics. The commercial sale increases the profit.

Usage of the wooden blocks
usage of the wooden blocks

Main machine list for Shuliy compressed wooden pallet blocks production line

Hammer mill crusher

This hammer mill for the wood pallet block production line is used to grind the raw material to make it easier to make wood blocks. This machine can choose the right model according to how much material the customer wants to handle.

Dryer machine

Sawdust drying machine
sawdust drying machine

As the name implies, this machine is mainly drying. This is because the moisture content of the raw material for making wood blocks should be below 10%.

Glue mixer

The glue mixer has a very important role in the compressed wood pallet block production line, mainly to mix the glue and raw materials fully and evenly so that it is easier to produce wood blocks.

Wooden pallet block making machine

Two types of wooden block hot press machines are available for customers to choose from. Each one can produce high-quality wood blocks.

Automatic cutting machine

This automatic cutter is used for wooden blocks (with a hole or without a hole), easy to sell.

Spotlights of the wood sawdust pallet block production line

  1. High automation. The process of Shuliy wood pallet blocks production line is completed with the help of a mechanism, mechanized to a high degree.
  2. Waste recycling. The raw materials used in this line are waste wood, wood chips, wood shavings, and scrap wood, which are recycled for the production of blocks for sale.
  3. Regular and European standard block production. Our wood block production line can produce not only regular blocks but also European standard blocks, depending on customer requirements.
  4. Flexible machine selection. Because of wooden block production, the moisture should be below 10% to see if the raw material needs a dryer. The glue mixer and wooden pallet block making machine are necessary. For the automatic wood pallet block production line, the others can be flexible according to customer needs.

Services offered by Shuliy Machinery about the wood chips pallet block production line

1. Pre-sale, on-sale & after-sales service

Pre-sale service:

24-hour online service;

We can provide you with project design, process design, and a suitable purchase program for your equipment. Also design and manufacture products based on your specific needs, and train your technical personnel. 

On-sale service:

Accompany you to look around our factory, explain the manufacturing process of our machines and check the working performance of our machine.

After-sales service:

Training on how to install the machine, and how to use the wood pallet block making machine;

Engineers are available to service machinery overseas.

2. Dispatch engineer to guide the installation

According to the customer’s requirement, we will dispatch engineers to guide installation and train about the operation of the compressed wood pallet block production line.

3. Customization service

You can send your sample scrap materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging the fees. And we can customize the machine to meet your production requirements.

Video of wood pallet block production line – how to efficiently make wooden blocks?