The wood debarker is mainly to peel various kinds of wood logs for wood processing. Its main function is to remove the tree barks quickly and efficiently. This wood peeling machine is one of the series of wood processing machines, designed by our Shuliy Machinery, suitable for peeling all kinds of wood, log, timber, wood segments, etc.

We have two types of wood log debarking machines, vertical and horizontal. It can process wood logs with a diameter of 50-500mm, and the peeling rate is above 95%.

Besides, our wood debarking machine is very popular at home and abroad, such as the United States, Australia, European countries, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, etc. The demand market for this wood log debarker is extensive. We can say that our products are sold in every country in the world where there are trees. Therefore, we have the best log debarker.

How does wood log debarker work?

What is a wood debarker?

As the name implies, the wood debarker machine functions to strip barks from the wood, log, lump, branches, irregularly curved timbers, etc.

The debarker definition is to remove the barks from various kinds of wood. This tree debarker can flake dry and wet trees with a debarking rate of over 95%.

This machine has highly efficient and is adaptable to wood, and can bark different species, diameters, lengths, and shapes of wood sections.

In Shuliy machinery, we have two types of wood debarker: vertical wood peeling machine and horizontal wood flaking machine.

Besides, these two machines can be equipped with the conveyor, which is more convenient to transport the wood to the inlet of the wood log debarker. This combination is the perfect complementary equipment for assembly line operations and automated production. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Type 1: Small vertical log debarker

From the appearance, we call this wood debarker the small log debarker, also vertical debarker, portable wood stripper.

This kind of wood debarking machine can handle wood within the diameters of 5-35cm, the fresher, the easier to bark. Also, the debarking rate is much higher.

Our wood peeling machine can use the electric motor and diesel engines as the power system. Thus, the customer can choose what they need.

Why choose the diesel engine as the power source?

  1. Because in most places in the world, electricity is not sufficient. During work, if the electricity disappears, then the work is suspended. As a result, the work is interrupted seriously.
  2. Generally speaking, diesel is cheaper than electricity. Using a diesel engine can help to save money.

Structure of wood debarker for sale

Because of the ring’s main structure, sometimes it’s called ring debarker.

This vertical tree peeling machine consists of the feeder, working chamber, outlet, and power system. The working chamber has a group of ring-shaped cutters and racks, functioning to debark.

In addition, at the feeder and outlet, we can use the conveyor to connect the machine, to facilitate the woods coming and going.

How does the small wood log debraker work?

It’s easy to understand. The below picture shows the core part of the wood log debarking machine when it’s working.

Core part of wood log debarking machine

First, put the wood from the feeder. Then the wheel will catch the wood to help move. And the ring section will start to peel the wood skin.

At the same time, moving and flaking happen together. This process lasts for the whole work. In this process, the debarking effect is good, and the rate reaches above 95%.

Parameters of portable wood stripper

Capacity/10 meter per minute10 meter per minute10 meter per minute
Power7.5 kW+2.2 kW7.5 kW+2.2 kW11 kW+2.2 kW15 kW+4 kW
Suitable wood diameter50-250 mm100-300 mm100-350 mmMax. 400mm
Machine size1730*2460*1410mm1790*2320*1250mm2460*1420*1500mm2500*1400*2000mm
Package weight1410 kg1450 kg1500 kg1750 kg
parameters of vertical wood peeling machine

Working video of the vertical wood debarker machine

wood log debarker machine working video

Type 2: Industrial log debarker for sale

This wood debarker, also called log peeler machine, usually uses the motor as the power system.

The wood roller debarker machine is for branches, irregular woods, etc. It can deal with wood with a diameter of ≤30cm.

Besides, after stripping, the customer uses the wood chipper for the further process. This wood log debarking machine can be equipped with a conveyor based on the customers’ demands.

Structure of commercial wood log debarker

In the terms of shape, the double roller wood debarker is different from the ring debarker. This roller debarker has a U-shaped trough, generally equipped with two rollers. The roller diameter changes along with the wood. Of course, the capacity also varies.

Pay attention, there are holes in the U-shaped groove. When working, the impurities will drop through these holes. Therefore, it increases working efficiency, avoiding manual cleaning.

What’s the working principle of the wood debarker machine?

When working, put the branches, woods, and wooden sections into the working chamber, friction occurs because of the roller and wood materials. So, the wood skin will be debarked.

Parameters of the commercial sawmill debarker

Wood diameter(mm)50-20050-30050-40050-500
Wood length(m)2-42-52-52-6
Peeling rate>95%>95%>95%>95%
Roller diameter(mm)250274370540
Roller rotational speed(rpm)230230200180
Roller length(mm)580580580580
specifications of wood log debarking machine

Spotlights of the debarker machine

  • Strong material, durable, safe, and reliable.
  • Low loss of wood, high peeling rate, high output, and low labor cost.
  • Adopt the latest technology, high peeling rate, and high production efficiency.
  • Product specifications are diversified to meet the individual needs of users.
  • It can be matched with other equipment, such as a sawmill and wood chipper, to prepare for further processing.
  • This wood peeling machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and very user-friendly.
  • For the vertical wood debarker, its material is Q235 steel, more solid frame, long service life.
  • The blade for the vertical wood peeling machine is 45# steel, the blade is sharper and more wear-resistant.

Why choose Shuliy machinery as tree bark removal machine supplier?

As a professional leading wood machine manufacturer and provider, Shuliy Machinery has rich experience in wood machine areas. That means we have a series of wood machines, not only commercial log debarker.

We have various types of wood debarker, for debarking pin logs, like portable log debarker, rotary debarker. Also, we have the wood chipper, saw mill, wood crusher, wood shaving machine, etc. You can buy all the wood machines you need from us. We can offer a good price.

What’s more, our staff have the expertise knowledge and thoughtful after-sales service. This can show our profession, which makes customers trust us.

Applications of wood log debarker

This wood debarker has a large usage because of its debarking characteristic.

  • For wood peeling: The log peeler can be used for wood, log, lumps, branches, wooden sections, etc. It has a good peeling effect on frozen wood, bending wood, school tree, Quercus, elm, and other hard-to-peel species.
  • For plants using: Shuliy wood peeling machine is suitable for large, medium, and small paper mills, pulp mills, wood chip mills, wood processing plants, forestry plants, wood storage yards, and artificial board plants (such as plywood plants, MDF plants, etc.)

Successful case: pine log debarker exported to Thailand

A customer from Thailand asked about the log debarking machine. He has a lumber mill and wanted to wood debarker for further process. So, we get to know that his need is a lumber mill debarker.

Then, our sales manager sent information(machine photo, machine parameters, machine working video, etc) about two types of wood debarking machines to him.

After reading this information, the Thailand customer determined to buy the wood peeling machine for his lumber mill.

Later, both communicated with a series of details(machine configuration, voltage, power, etc). Then the customer from Thailand placed the order.

We arranged the shipment to his destination. After receiving the machine, he was so happy and satisfied with its working effects.

How to place the order?

  1. Contact our pre-sales staff, and leave your information(including name, WhatsApp, email, and required machine name).
  2. The sales manager will contact you via WhatsApp/email. You will chat about the machine details, such as the machine power, voltage, accessories, etc.
  3. After confirming all details, then you can place the order.


Q1: What kind of wood materials can be handled?

A1: Large pieces of wood, logs, branches, and irregularly curved wood, but also suitable for debarking some frozen and dry wood. If you have doubts, welcome to inquire!

Q2: Compared to others, what are the advantages of the wood debarker?

A2: Wide applications, durable materials, good debarking effects, high efficiency, and environmental protection.

Q3: Is it conveneint to transport?

A3: Of course, yes. We are located in Henan Province, China, with very convenient transportation by sea, land, and air. You can choose what you need based on your needs.