Wood chipper is a kind of wood equipment for processing and producing wood chips. According to the structural form of working parts, there are two types of drum chipper and disc chipper, and according to the feeding method, there are two types of inclined feeding and flat feeding. Today we are going to introduce the drum chipping machine.

What is a drum chipper?

The drum chipper machine is a kind of special equipment designed for producing wood chips. This heavy wood cutting machine is also called the wood slicer, which is one of the wood processing series equipment. The wood chips produced are of the regular type and can be used as fuel for power plants, sold, or used for paper making. Shuliy machines are famous for good quality, stable performance, and long service life. So, our products are very popular all over the world, such as in Australia, the USA, Germany, Yemen, South Africa, Peru, etc.

Before using the industrial wood chipper, you can use the plywood peeling machine to remove the tree barks. And then use this machine to chip. Thus, you can the excellent wood chips used for sale.

What raw materials can be chipped?

The drum style wood chipper has a wide range of applications on the raw materials. Only the wood materials are without nails, such as wood, bamboo, slab, branches, and so on. It can also process the residue which is forest harvesting and wood processing into wood chips. Besides, branch, straw, timber, logs, branches, boards, waste veneers, cotton stalks, and other non-wood fiber stems. This drum chipper can cut various woods. If you have doubts or are unclear, please contact us for more details!

Raw materials to be chipped
raw materials to be chipped

What are the functions of wood chips?

As the preparation section in the productions process, the wood chips are widely used in textile, paper, pulp, artificial board, biomass power plant, biomass fuel plant, burning fire, wood board plant, compressed board plant, making pellets(as raw materials), and other industries.

High-quality wood ships for sale. If you own a factory for producing chips for sale, you had better debark woods first, and then use the

It can also be the coarse crushing materials at the front end of the production line, for later deep processing (processing into sawdust).

Construction of the drum wood chipper

A drum chipper is mainly composed of machine base, feeding port, knife plate, machine shell, chipping blade, screen and electric control. The machine can be adjusted according to the needs of the chipping blade to produce different specifications and thicknesses of wood chips.

Drum chipper design
drum chipper design

Features of commercial drum chipper for sale

  1. New design blade rotor, so the blades are easy to replaceable.
  2. Equipped with feeding pressure roller. Its function is to grasp and bite the wood and force the material to be fed.
  3. Reinforcement bearing is applied, and durable.
  4. It has an automatic lifting device(hydraulic system). When feeding, it can automatically recognize the height of the wood and will automatically lift according to the wood.
  5. Equipped with a separate control cabinet. The control cabinet is necessary so that when using the machine, the electricity is safer.
Features of wood chipper
features of wood chipper

How does a drum chipper work?

Feed the wood through the feed inlet, and the roller will catch, press, and push the wood to move forward.

Then the wood comes to the core part. The blades start to chip the wood into pieces. There is a screen at the bottom of the machine(inside). The screen size decides the size of the chips.

Finally, the qualified wood chips come out from the screen.

Drum chipper diagram
drum chipper diagram

Technical parameters of the drum wood chipper for sale

Knife quantity22
Feeding size300*680 mm230*500 mm
Capacity10-15 t/h5-8t/h
Raw material dimension≤300 mm≤230 mm
Wood chip size25 mm(Adjustable)25 mm(Adjustable)
Main power110 kW55 kW
Weight8600 kg5600 kg
Feeding inlet conveyor6 m6 m
Outlet conveyor8 m8 m
Packing Size3105*2300*1650 mm2735*2200*1200 mm

Working video of the drum wood chipper


Q1: Is it safe when using this large wood chipper near me?

A1: We equip the separate control cabinet, to ensure electrical safety when operating the machine.

Q2: Is Shuliy Machinery a manufacturer or distributor?

A2: We’re integrated with the producing and providing. Compared to other trading companies, you can get the best price from us.

Q3: How can I use the machine after receiving it? Is there any manual?

A3: We enclose the manual with the machine. What’s more, we can chat online/via video to help you understand the machine clearly, if necessary.

Q4: What about the machine quality?

A4: We have s strict quality control system, to guarantee the machine quality. And you can also send your sample materials to us and we will test the machine with your materials. During testing, we can video to check the machine performance.