A customer from the USA was faced with the challenge of processing a large 80 cm diameter log. He sought an efficient and reliable solution to cope with this large wood size while ensuring precision and efficiency in processing.

Vertical bandsaw mill for sale
vertical bandsaw mill for sale

Vertical bandsaw mill applications for the USA

Shuliy’s vertical sawmill became the ideal choice to address the customer’s needs. This machine stands out for its powerful cutting capacity and versatility. Customers can easily cut large diameter logs to the desired size with the Vertical Sawmill, whether it’s for construction, furniture making or other woodworking projects.

The bandsawmill with the track
band sawmill with the track

Advantages of carriage for vertical sawmill

To further increase efficiency, the customer chose our carriage. This system allows the wood to remain stable during the cutting process, reducing errors that can lead to waste. The precision of the de-tracking system ensures that each cut is accurate, allowing the customer to use the wood more efficiently.

So, the customer decided to buy together. Final order list is shown below:

Vertical wood band saw
Vertical wood band saw
Model: SL-MJ3210
Saw wheel diameter:1070mm
Maximum saw wood diameter:900mm
Dimension of saw blade:7100*125*1.05mm
Dimension of machine:1360*1070*2400mm
1 pc
CNC system  and control panel
Control cabinet
Guide rail:6 meters per side, total 12 meters
1 pc
machine list for the USA

Feedback from the USA client

Customers have expressed great satisfaction with Shuliy vertical bandsaw mill with carriage. The customer saw significant processing results soon after using the machine.

The collaborative work of these two pieces of equipment allows wood with a diameter of 80 cm to be processed efficiently and accurately in a short time, providing customers with more processing possibilities.