Working principle of the biomass pellet making machine


The wood pellet machine produces high-quality biomass pellets depending on the press roller and die. The friction and pressure between these parts can make the temperature high, and then the raw materials (generally powder) are made into pellets.

Then the products(pellets) will come out from the die hole and also under the function of the extrusion, form the cylinder shape.

Finally, the products will be cut by the blade into the expected length, then discharged through the outlet.

Advantages of the biomass pellet making machine

  1. Two power devices can be used. This kind of biomass pellets making machine can use an electric motor or diesel engine as the power to support the machine’s work.
  2. Easy structure, and convenient granulation, which is very suitable for customers who want to produce wood pellets.
  3. Wide adaptability, small floor area, low noise, and stable operation.
  4. Biomass wood pellets produced by this biomass pellet making machine have strong applications, for home heating, industrial usage, and also as power plant fuel.
Sawdust pellet machine in stock
sawdust pellet machine in stock

How to start a biomass pellets production line?

As a professional wood machine manufacturer & supplier, we not only have the wood pellet mill machine, but also the wood chipper, wood crusher machine, wood shaving machine, wood block making machine, etc. Definitely, in our Shuliy machinery, you can equip all the machines and auxiliary equipment you want. For this wood pellet production line, if you want to extremely improve working efficiency, we can advise a production line with strong practicability. It includes the conveyor belt, mixer, tank, etc.

Wood pellet production line
wood pellet production line

The bright prospect of the biomass wood pellets

  1. As the hot topic of bio-energy in the world, it has developed a trend. And biomass pellets are easy to produce and use in mass. Also, it’s very convenient to use.
  2. Compared to traditional fuel, biomass wood pellets, as the new type of biomass, it’s very economical and has environmental benefits, which are fully in line with the requirements of sustainable development.
  3. Biomass pellets have the advantage of high combustion efficiency, ease to burn out, and less carbon residue, compared to coal.
  4. Low content of harmful gas components, emissions of harmful gases less, with environmental benefits.
  5. Wood pellets can also be as animal feed for goat, chicken, rabbit, pigs, etc.
Biomass wood pellets
biomass wood pellets

So, biomass wood pellets have wide prospects. If you want to invest in this business, it’s a good start for you. You can tell our sales manager your requirements, and our professional sales manager will provide the expertised advice to facilitate your business.

Biomass pellet making machine for sale display

Shuliy biomass pellets machine is of good quality and low price. It is a cost-effective machine. In addition, our biomass wood pellet making machine is constantly upgrading, keeping up with the needs of market development, selling high-quality machines for our customers, and contributing to the businesses of our customers.

Successful cases of the biomass pellet machine

This biomass pellet making machine is very popular with customers and is often exported to overseas countries, such as Indonesia. Especially now, with the arrival of winter, the demand for biomass fuel is increasing, so the demand for Shuliy biomass granulator is surging. We now have stock in the factory, and when exporting, we will first pack the pellets making machine with wooden boxes to prevent damage to the machine during transportation. If any need, welcome to contact us!

Technical parameters of biomass pellets making machine

Output (kg/h)150-300200-500300-700

This kind of biomass pellet making machine has the individual machine and the complete biomass pellets production line available for your choice. You just tell your requirements, and our sales manager will provide the best solution.

Video of biomass pellet making machine from Shuliy