The head of a company in Pakistan was planning to buy Model 370 log debarker for sale to meet the needs of his match manufacturing business. The company aims to peel Poplar Trees Logs(Max. Length 7 feet) for Match Making Unit.

Log debarker for sale
log debarker for sale

Equipment selection for Pakistan

The main reason why the customer chose the Model 370 wood log debarker is that it can efficiently and accurately debark poplar logs to ensure the quality and utilization of the raw material.

Specific specification: 7 feet long log processing

This log debarker for sale is designed to be flexible and perfectly adaptable to poplar log sizes up to 7 feet long, thus ensuring accurate processing of all types of wood sizes.

Attractions of log debarker for sale

  • Working ablity: Suitable for a wide range of hard and softwood species within a certain diameter range, specially optimized for the characteristics of poplar wood.
  • Maximum processing length: Supports logs up to 7 feet (about 2.1 meters) for debarking operations.
  • Working efficiency: Equipped with a high-torque motor to ensure fast and stable debarking and improve productivity.
  • Knife system: Adopting high-quality wear-resistant material for debarking blades, long service life and easy to replace and maintain.
  • Operation safety: Equipped with guards and emergency stop button to ensure the personal safety of the operator.
  • Structural stability: The overall framework is stable, running smoothly, reducing mechanical vibration and prolonging the life of the equipment.

Machine order list for Pakistan

Vertical tree peeling machineModel(SLWD):370
Max diameter:350mm
Main power: 11 kw+4kw
Machine weight: 1.5t
Package size: 2230*1240*1830mm
2 sets
KnivesOne set has 4pcs knives
2 sets For free
4 sets
machine parameters for Pakistan

If you also want to carry out all kinds of log skiving, come and contact us, and we will provide you with the optimal solution and quotation.