Recently, we are honored to welcome a team of valued customers from Indonesia to visit our industrial wood crusher plant for a site visit.

Indonesian clients visited industrial wood crusher factory
Indonesian clients visited industrial wood crusher factory

Led by professional and technical personnel, they learned in detail about the operation of the entire production line and the core technical characteristics of the equipment, and witnessed the whole process from raw material processing to the output of finished products.

Industrial wood crusher high-performance display

During this visit, we especially arranged a live demonstration of the large wood crusher for Indonesian customers.

Through the intuitive and shocking operation demonstration, the customers deeply understand the excellent performance and high efficiency of the comprehensive crusher in processing all kinds of wood waste, and highly appreciate its powerful crushing capacity, stable operation status and excellent environmental protection effect.

waste wood crusher working video

Cultural sharing: specialty food hospitality

In addition to professional business exchanges, we also elaborately prepared a gourmet feast with local characteristics to express our warm welcome and sincere respect for our Indonesian customers who came from Indonesia.

Sharing delicious food with indonesian customers
sharing delicious food with Indonesian customers

Both had dinner together in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, deepened mutual understanding, and at the same time conducted in-depth discussions on possible areas of future cooperation, and jointly looked forward to the broad prospects for development in the field of global wood resource recycling.

Deepen the cooperation on wood crusher

Through this field trip, Indonesian customers have a more comprehensive understanding of our industrial wood crusher manufacturing strength, and the quality of our products and services are highly evaluated.

Newly produced large wood crusher
newly produced large wood crusher

Both sides expressed their expectations for the establishment of a long-term and stable cooperative relationship in the future, and hoped that through joint efforts to promote friendly cooperation between the two countries in the field of wood waste treatment and biomass energy, to achieve the double enhancement of economic benefits and environmental benefits.