Recently, a customer from Indonesia made a site visit to our factory and made clear their needs for waste wood processing equipment. They are in urgent need of a large wood crusher that can process waste wood in large quantities and with high efficiency to meet the growing local demand for resource recycling.

Industrial wood crusher for waste wood shredding
industrial wood crusher for waste wood shredding

Factory visit and decision to buy

During the visit, our technicians introduced in detail the working principle, core technology and production efficiency of the comprehensive crusher, which attracted Indonesian customers with its powerful crushing capacity, flexible adjustment of discharge size and high efficiency in terms of energy efficiency.

Through the on-site test demonstration and detailed product explanation, the customer was satisfied with the actual performance of our large wood crusher and placed an order for it immediately after the visit.

Customized production and delivery arrangement

After receiving the order, our company quickly started the customized production process to ensure that the equipment configuration was adjusted and optimized according to the customer’s special requirements and site conditions.

Newly manufactured comprehensive crusher
newly manufactured comprehensive crusher

At the same time, we carefully arrange the logistics and transport to ensure that the comprehensive crusher is delivered safely and on time to the customers in Indonesia.

Using results feedback on large wood crusher

After installation and commissioning, our industrial wood crusher was put into operation at the customer’s waste wood treatment plant in Indonesia.

With excellent performance and stability, our industrial wood shredder successfully helped the customer to achieve high-volume and high-efficiency processing of waste wood, which greatly improved the resource utilization rate and reduced the operating costs, and was highly recognized by the customer.

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