The function of this hammer mill crusher is mainly to process charcoal blocks, straw, etc. into sawdust. This hammer crusher is often used in production lines, often together with the large wood chipper or comprehensive shredder. It should be noted that the raw materials processed by this hammer mill are semi-finished products, such as charcoal briquettes, straws, wood chips, shredded wood, etc.

Our hammer pulverizer is exported to many countries, such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, New Zealand, Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, etc.

What is a hammer mill crusher?

As introduced above, this hammermill equipment is able to deal with the semi-finished products in the sawdust. Of course, this has a coarse and fine degree. It depends on the screen and your needs. This machine has a large crushing ratio. The crushing mechanism is hammer blade type. And the hammer blade is symmetrically arranged and heat-treated by wear-resistant material, which has high hardness and long service time, etc.

What are the types of hammer mill from Shuliy Machinery?

As a professional hammer crusher manufacturer, through our continuous optimization and innovation, our hammer mills are now available in a wide variety to meet the different needs of our customers.

Diesel hammer mill for sale

Electric coal crusher hammer

Small hammer mill for corn(with cyclone)

What are the raw materials that can be processed?

The hammer mill crusher can handle wood chips, coarsely shredded wood scraps, coconut shells, wood processing trimmings, etc. Its large output can meet the needs of large factories for production. In addition to this, it is also often used in production lines where the sequence of work is: drum chipper/industrial wood crusher + hammer chip crusher + others.

Applications of hammer mill crusher
applications of hammer mill crusher

It can also be used as the limestone hammer crusher, to crush various types of stones, such as granite, limestone, river pebbles, etc.

It can also crush construction waste. Such as construction waste, brick, and tile, cement waste, etc.

Structure of the hammer mill crusher machine for sale

The machine’s composition is mainly composed of the power system and working chamber. The core is the internal structure. The internal structure is composed of hammer blade, screen, where the hammer blade is responsible for pounding various materials to achieve the purpose of crushing. And the screen is to determine the coarseness of the material.

Bright hammer mill crusher design

  1. Different screens are available. According to the user’s requirements, different screens can be used to change the size of the discharge to meet the different needs of different users.
  2. Simple structure, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency.
  3. Large crushing range: the machine can be applied to most of the materials crushed, minerals or crops.
  4. Excellent configuration of machine parts: the machine key components use the alloy tool steel. After heat treatment, wear-resistant and durable, long use.
  5. Good crushing performance: the machine crushes the finished material finer, uniform, good character.

How does a hammer mill crusher work?

The main is the crushing principle used: both the hammer crusher’s striking, and the hammer blade’s shearing, double compound effect crushing.

The material enters the machine from the top side and is crushed by the shearing and grinding of the hammer blades moving at a high speed. There is also a screen inside the machine. If the crushed material is smaller than the size of the sieve, the particles are discharged through the screen. If greater, the particles stay on the screen, continue to be hammered and crushed by the hammer, and are finally discharged through the screen.

Application of hammer mill

  1. Charcoal production line.
  2. Ore plant. It’s because this machine can do all kinds of stone crushing work, easy to handle.
  3. Construction plant. Because it can crush all kinds of construction waste. After the waste crushing, it can be for infrastructure.
  4. Paper mill. Production of finished products can be as raw materials for paper making. The purchase of such machines, for paper mills, can reduce their costs and create more profits.
Sawdust application area
sawdust application area

Technical parameters of the industrial hammer mill crusher

Fan / /7.5kW7.5kW11kW22kW
Dust remover5pcs5pcs5pcs5pcs14pcs14pcs
Cyclone diameter1m1m1m1m1m1m

Successful case: hammer coal crusher shipped to Bangladesh

The customer in Bangladesh was looking for the front-end equipment for the charcoal production line because he was running a charcoal factory. It happened to see our web product hammer mill. Seeing the great output of this machine, the Bangladeshi customer instantly felt that this machine was what he needed. So he contacted us. After a series of discussions, the two sides immediately cooperated (that is, the Bangladeshi customer immediately placed an order with us to buy the vertical hammer mill).

Moreover, this customer also said that if he felt good with this machine, he would buy other wood processing equipment from us, such as drum wood chipper, comprehensive crusher, wood shavings machine, etc. After that, this customer really bought another wood crusher, chipper, and other machines from us.

Package and delivery
package and delivery