Very happy to have worked with a customer in Sierra Leone on a wood debarking machine. This customer is located in Sierra Leone and runs a carpentry shop specializing in the production of high-quality house posts. He uses local high-quality timber as raw material, but faced problems with debarking logs and processing wood, and needed to find an efficient solution to improve productivity and wood utilization.

Wood debarking machine
wood debarking machine

What are his needs?

His main need was to increase the efficiency of wood processing, especially in the debarking process, in order to minimize waste and reduce production costs. He also wanted to maintain the quality of the timber to ensure that the final house posts produced would be strong and long-lasting.

Shuliy solution for Sierra Leone

We supplied two key machines to this carpentry shop: a wood crusher and a wood debarking machine. These machines were integrated into the customer’s woodworking process to increase efficiency and meet the customer’s needs.

In addition to these, as this customer operates a woodworking shop, we also recommended the relevant wood processing equipment, as shown in the table below:

Wood debarkerModel(SL):420
Max diameter:400mm
Knife quantity: 5 
Main power: 15 kw+4kw
Machine weight: 1.75t
Package size: 2500*1400*2000mm
1 pc
Wood crusherModel: SL-700
Power: 37KW
Capacity: 1000-1200KG/H
Feeding inlet size: 220*200mm
1 pc
CNC woodworking lathe
Cnc woodworking lathe
Model: Single-axis turning, milling and carving integrated CNC woodworking lathe
Processing size: length 1500mm*diameter 300mm
Motor power: 4KW+3.5KW Alpha pure servo motor
Motor speed: 0-6000rpm/min
Transmission mode: imported silver guide rail/slider/TBI ball screw
Drive: YAKO drive
Inverter: Best Inverter/Alpha Servo Variable Frequency Driver
Control system: LRSK 1000TC dedicated control panel
conversion air-cooled spindle
Processing accuracy: ±0.05mm
Main functions: Turning, slot milling, drilling, cylinder engraving
1 pc
Woodworking engraving machine
Woodworking engraving machine
Model: 1325 woodworking engraving machine (heavy bed)
stroke: 1300*2500*200MM
Spindle: Jester 3.2KW water-cooled spindle
Control System: Weihong Control System
Motor: Skyworth stepper motor
Inverter: Best Inverter
Driver: 860 drive
Working desk: Suction clip dual-purpose table
Transfer method: Square rail rack drive, Z axis 2510 lead screw
Square rail model: The XYZ three axes are all Taiwan Shangyin 20 square rails
Engraving speed: 10-15M/min
Idle speed: 25M/min
Precision: The diagonal accuracy is around 0.5MM
Repeatability: 0.0254MM
Operating Voltage: 220V/380V    
Tool diameter: φ3.175, φ6 , φ12.7
1 pc
machine list for Sierra Leone

In addition to these, related accessories are recommended to him based on our experience, such as blades, screens, hammer for wood shredder, and blades for wood debarking machine. Finally, the customer placed an order for these machines.

Highlights of wood debarking machine for customer

  • Efficient debarking: Shuliy’s wood log debarker is known for its superior debarking technology, which removes the outer layer of wood quickly and accurately, resulting in less waste and more efficient wood processing.
  • Wood preservation: This woodworking shop takes the quality of its wood very seriously. Our wood peeling machine ensures that the wood remains undamaged during the peeling process through careful operation and tool design, delivering high-quality wood to produce strong and durable house posts.
  • Self-operated: Our machines are so easy to operate that he can quickly master their use. This saves time and training costs for carpentry shops and makes operation easier.
  • Resource efficiency: The wood debarking machine helps to reduce wood waste, thus increasing resource efficiency. This is especially important for woodworking shops that use local wood resources.

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