Wood log debarking machine occupies an important position in the timber industry, because wood is an indispensable raw material in all walks of life, but before the use of wood, after an important process – wood debarking. This step needs to be wood peeling machine to complete. Below is a detailed understanding.

Wood log debarking machine
wood log debarking machine

What is the machine that does the debarking?

In the wood processing industry, the machines that carry out debarking work are known as wood log debarking machine. The main task of these machines is to remove the skin layer from the surface of the wood for subsequent processing and utilization. This step is aimed at improving the quality of the wood by removing irregularities or undesirable surfaces that may affect subsequent products.

Why is debarking necessary?

Stripping is necessary because wood accumulates various uneven substances on its surface during the growth process, such as bark, resin, dust, etc. These undesirable substances may affect the appearance and quality of the wood, and even the processing and use of subsequent products. Therefore, a cleaner and smoother wood surface can be obtained through skinning, which improves the overall quality of the wood.

Features of Shuliy’s wood log debarking machine

Shuliy’s wood debarking machine is recognized in the industry for its advanced technology and superior performance. These machines have an efficient debarking capacity that removes the outer layer of wood quickly and precisely. Schooley’s machines also focus on user-friendliness, simple operation and easy maintenance, making wood processing more efficient and convenient.

Types of wood debarker machine for sale

Log peeling machine
Log Peeling Machine

Vertical wood log debarking machine

This machine is our hot-selling model, which can debark logs with timber diameters from 50-500mm, and the debarking rate reaches more than 99.9%, so it is loved by customers from all over the world. Exported countries are Bulgaria, Sierra Leone, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, Croatia, and so on.

Wood roller debarker machine
Wood Roller Debarker Machine

Roller log debarking machine

This type is mainly used for processing large batches of branches, irregular trees, etc., for trees less than 300mm in diameter. When you need to process large quantities of irregular wood, this machine is the right choice.

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