With the popularity of the concept of environmental protection and technological progress, wood shavings, as a by-product of wood processing, have a growing demand in the fields of biomass energy, animal bedding, packaging materials and so on.

Our high-efficiency wood shavings machine is developed in response to this trend, aiming to help customers efficiently convert all kinds of wood materials into high-quality shavings.

Step of wood shavings production with wood shaving mill

  • Raw material preparation: First, collect or purchase wood suitable for making shavings, including but not limited to hardwood, softwood and wood product waste.
  • Machine start-up: Switch on our wood shaver machine, make sure all safety devices are functioning properly, and adjust the knives and screens to control the size of the shavings.
  • Raw material feeding: Feed the pre-treated wood into the wood planer through the inlet, the high-speed rotating knives inside the machine will cut the wood into uniform shavings.
  • Finished product discharging: The finely processed shavings will be discharged from the discharging port, directly into the subsequent packing and so on.

Features of Shuliy log shaving machine for sale

  • High-performance motor: Drive the log shaver to run stably and ensure continuous and efficient production capacity.
  • Precision cutter system: Adopt blades made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, which can adapt to the different hardness of wood and achieve precise planning.
  • Adjustable blade inclination: The thickness and size of the discharged shavings can be adjusted according to the demand to meet the diversified market needs.
  • Easy maintenance: Simple design, reasonable structure, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance work.
Wood shaving maker
wood shaving maker

Why produce shavings?

The production of shavings is carried out mainly because of its wide range of applications:

  1. Biomass energy: Wood shavings are one of the important fuel sources for biomass power plants, which helps to replace fossil energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Animal bedding: Harmless treated shavings are commonly used in horse stables, pet kennels and poultry chicken farming to provide a dry and comfortable resting environment.
  3. Packaging materials: Part of the industry uses shavings as filler or cushioning material, such as furniture transport and crafts packaging.
  4. Horticultural mulch: Biodegradable treated shavings can be used as soil conditioner and plant root insulation mulch.

In conclusion, the use of our advanced pine shaving machine to refine the treatment of wood not only realizes the effective recycling of resources, but also promotes the development of green industry.

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