This roller debarker is used for removing the log wood bark along with the roller rotating and working. This kind of log debarker machine for sale has a double roller(generally), improving the working efficiency and saving time. It uses the motor to support its work. Moreover, the debarker for sale has wide applications for stripping the branches, irregular woods, wood sections, etc. After tree bark removal, you can use the wood chipper to continue the further procedure. If you are interested, welcome to get in touch with us!

Why choose the double roller debarker machine?

To be honest, this kind of roller debarker is commonly used for large, medium, small sawmill, paper mills, panel mills, wood chip mills, forestry, lumber yards, plywood mills, etc. This kind of wood peeler has the capacity to handle small branches, irregular woods, a large quantity of wood, wooden segments, etc. So, if you have these similar raw materials, choosing this roller debarking machine is the best choice.

Log debarker machine applications
log debarker machine applications

Advantages of using the log debarker machine

Commonly, the roller debarker can deal with the woods with a capacity from 5-18t/h. Thus, the working efficiency is very quick and high. When you want to debark the woods in batch, this machine is a good choice.

At the same time, the holes exist in the double roller debarker. During the working, the impurities come out from the holes, which speeds the working efficiency and reduces manual cleaning.

Because the machine generally adopts a double roller, the conveyor can be equipped, and to some extent, the work accelerates.

How does the roller log debarker machine work?

In fact, its working principle is very simple. Put the raw material of wood into the working area of the roller debarker. The friction between the double rollers, and the friction between the raw material, can make the peeling work go on smoothly and achieve a good debarking effect. The peeling rate of our machine is over 95%.

Structure details of roller debarker
structure details of roller debarker

Technical specifications of the wood log debarker

Wood diameter(mm)50-20050-30050-40050-500
Wood length(m)2-42-52-52-6
Peeling rate>95%>95%>95%>95%
Roller diameter(mm)250274370540
Roller rotational speed(rpm)230230200180
Roller length(mm)580580580580

From the above table, several types are available for your choice. When you need this kind of wood machine, you can tell your requirements, including machine capacity, machine configuration, wood length to be handled, etc. Our sales manager will provide the best solution according to your needs.