Our pine shaving machine is very popular in the field of making shavings for animal beddings. Now, we’re glad to share with you that a customer from UAE ordered a wood shavings machine in July 2023. Below detail successful case for your reference.

Pine shaving machine
pine shaving machine

UAE client’s requirements for the pine shaving machine

The customer wanted to produce wood shavings to make nests for horses or chickens and had not produced such products before. Now he wanted to start a new business to profit. Also, he searched and studied, eventually, he thought the wood shavings machine can bring him great benefits.

Solution for UAE client

According to his needs, our sales manager Beco sent him photos, videos, parameters and finished products of our pine wood shaving machine. The customer had a question about the thickness of the shavings, and Beco explained that it could be adjusted by adjusting the inclination of the blades. And this client was so satisfied with the wood shavings machine. So, he placed the order and made full payment.

What did he buy from Shuliy?

Machine list for uae
machine list for UAE

As you can see from the above, this customer not only purchased a pine shaving machine, but also a sharpener, as well as related accessories, such as blades, and grinding wheels. These can help the customer to use the machine more smoothly.