In fact, differences between a drum chipper vs disc chipper exist. these two machines are functionally the same, they both belong to the wood chipper, and the function is to chip the wood into small pieces. The use is also the same, as fuel for power plants, selling high-quality wood chips, paper making, and the front end of the production line. In terms of the above, all are the same. Of course, there are also significant differences between a drum chipper vs disc chipper, specifically in the following areas. I hope that after reading this article, you will have a deeper understanding of the two types of log chipper.

The differences between drum vs disc chipper


Only from the appearance, this drum chipper is much bigger than the disk chipper. However, it should be noted that the disc wood chipper has various shapes. Such as longer discharge opening, flat inlet, equipped with the conveyor belt, the bracket, etc. These are evolved to meet the different needs of customers.

Internal structure

The drum chipper vs disc chipper have a different construction inside. The internal structure of the drum chipper is composed of the roller, blade, and screen. Because the screen can determine the size of the wood chips, it is necessary to ask about the customer’s requirements to meet their needs.

The disc type wood chipper is composed of the flywheel and blade. Compared with the above, it is relatively simple. But the machine can also chip wood into small wood chips.

Power system

The drum type log chipper uses electricity and must be equipped with a control cabinet, which is for the safety of electricity. Another wood chipper is available with the electric motor, diesel engine, and diesel engine set. All three can be used. For power shortage areas, the diesel engine and diesel engine set are better choices.


There is a big difference between a drum chipper vs disc chipper.

Drum chipper vs disc chipper  parameters

For the drum tree chipper, it has a large capacity, from 5t/h to 15t/h. It’s very suitable for large lumber mills, wood plants, etc.

For the wood disc chipper, you can clearly know that the capacity is from 500kg/h to 8000kg/h. Different capacities can meet various customers’ demands. Looking forward to your inquiry!

Drum chipper vs disc chipper parameters

What countries import frequently this wood chipper machine?

Actually, the drum chipper vs disc chipper both belong to the wood chipper machine, which also belongs to the wood machines. To be honest, there is a market in all countries in the world. Therefore, the market for our wood machines is very wide. For example, the United States, Canada, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Germany, Bahrain, UAE, India, Singapore, Russian Federation, Libya, Oman, Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Jordan, Burkina Faso, etc.

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