The log chipper from Shuliy machinery has many models and different appearances. But its functions are the same, chipping the wood. The uses of the chips are also various, maybe fuels for biopower plants, raw materials for making paper, excellent chips for sale, etc. Recently, one customer from Saudi Arabic bought the electric log chipper from us.

Why did the Saudi Arabic customer buy the log chipper machine?

The customer from Saudi Arabic runs a plant to produce various boards. Previously, he bought the log chips from others, but now he wanted to reduce his cost. So, he decided to buy one wood chipping machine for his own uses. After going through our products, he has some knowledge of our products. Therefore, he contacted us and told us about his use.

Based on his needs, our sales manager recommended a suitable wood chipper. Among the two types, he chose the disc chipper. And it was the motor model. Because the shape of our disc chipping machine is various and there are many options. He also added a conveyor belt to the original model to transport the finished product.

He asked about the details of the machine and our sales manager answered patiently and carefully. Finally, the customer from Saudi Arabic placed the order about the log chipper.

Advantages of using the electric motor

  1. Environmental protection. Because the use of electric power is non-polluting, it does not produce various kinds of waste and is particularly environmentally friendly.
  2. Saudi Arabia is rich in solar resources, and solar power can be used to generate electricity in a timely manner and supply sufficient resources.

Technical parameters of the electric log chipper

ModelCapacityInput sizeOutput sizePower
SL-420500kg/h150*150mm2-5cm11kW motor or 15hp diesel engine
SL-6001500kg/h180*150mm2-5cm18.5kW motor or 22hp diesel engine
SL-8003000kg/h200*200mm2-5cm30kW motor or 40hp diesel engine
SL-9504000kg/h230*250mm2-5cm37kW motor or 60hp diesel engine
SL-12005000kg/h330*300mm2-5cm55kW motor
SL-14007000-8000kg/h400*400mm2-5cm90kW motor

From the above table, you can know that we have many types of log chipper machines with the electric motor. So, if you are interested in this kind of machine, please tell me your demands, machine capacity, machine power, machine shape, etc. Our sales manager will provide the perfect solution to boost your business.

Electric powered wood chipper
electric powered wood chipper