The wood chipper is a wood processing equipment used for chipping various trees, tree sections, etc. The produced wood chips can be sold or prepared for the next step of first related wood products.

In the wood industry, this wood chipper machine occupies an important proportion. So, how to choose the best wood chipper? Here are a few of my suggestions for your reference.

1. Choose the right wood chipper for your business

The wood chippers in the market are in various formats, and so are we Shuliy. Take our wood chipping machine of Shuliy Machinery as an example, our machines can be divided into disc wood chipper and drum log chipper.

Among them, the wood disc-type chipper is versatile in appearance, and the size of the wood that can be handled and its capacity are also different. The power configuration is also different.

The wood drum-type chipper, on the other hand, can chip wood in large quantities and the degree of regularity of the wood is less demanding.

It really depends on the actual size and length of the wood to be processed and the capacity that the customer wants.

2. Reputable wood chipping machine manufacturers and suppliers

When choosing to buy a wood log chipper, it is important to choose the right manufacturer.

We, Shuliy Machinery, as an old foreign trade enterprise that has been working in this industry field for decades, export to foreign countries every year, including Australia, Morocco, UAE, etc. And the rate of the customers’ buying again is very high.

Wood chipper in stock
wood chipper in stock

All this proves that our machines have good quality performance and are your first choice to buy the log chipping machine.

If you need the machine, welcome to contact me. Also, now you can visit our factory to learn more about the wood machine!