The bandsaw mill machine is to produce high-quality wood boards. The saw mill from Shuliy machinery has the great characteristics of high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long service life. Thus, it’s very popular in the world market. In May 2022, we exported the electric bandsaw mill to Papua New Guinea.

The basic information of the customer from Papua New Guinea

This customer owns his own lumber mill and provides a lot of excellent wood boards locally. So, he was looking for the electric bandsaw mill to facilitate and make profits.

Process of our cooperation about the electric bandsaw mill

  1. After contacting us through WhatsApp, we arranged for our sales manager to send him the machine details.
  2. Communication was made to confirm the type of machine, the quantity to be purchased, the individual details of the machine, etc.
  3. Both parties signed the order contract and the customer paid the deposit.
  4. We, Shuliy Machinery, started production and sent videos and pictures during the production process to report the progress and the machine production.
  5. The electric bandsaw mill was completed, tested machine (real-time video), and the customer inspected whether the machine was in good condition. Everything was ok, the customer paid the balance.
  6. Arrange to ship to the customer’s destination.
  7. After the customer received the machine, we also have perfect after-sales service to serve the customer at any time.
Shuliy electric bandsaw mill manufacturer
shuliy electric bandsaw mill manufacturer

What is the income generation of this electric bandsaw mill for the Papua New Guinea customer?

Because this customer purchased two of these vertical saws, the capacity was expanded. Compared to before, twice or even three times more wood can be supplied in the same month than before, and the turnover has increased dramatically, as well as the profit.

Machine details purchased by the Papua New Guinea customer

This customer bought two types of the vertical sawmill, and a carriage. Besides, he also bought the control cabinet, the saw blade grinding machine, the saw blade roller press machine, and the alloy tooth saw blade side grinder.