Shuliy machinery has the outstanding wood crusher machine for sale. When you enter our web page about the wood log sawdust making machine, you can find various shapes of the machine. This is because the machines designed are able to meet the requirements of different customers. In June this year, one customer from Malaysia purchased the wood crusher machine.

Why did the Malaysian customer buy this kind of machine?

In Malaysia, this customer owns a large wood board plant and is the local top paper producer and provider. In the new planning of the factory, the Malaysian customer wanted to reduce his cost and had already talked to a local wood merchant for cooperation, so he was looking to buy a wood shredder machine.

Sawdust applications
sawdust applications

Machine details raised by the Malaysia customer

This customer contacted us via the contact information(WhatsApp & email). And then the customer from Malaysia asked about this wood crusher machine, the questions are listed below:

What power system is suitable for the machine to work?

Can the machine be equipped with wheels and a frame for easy movement?

Crusher machine with wheels
crusher machine with wheels

Is there always a cyclone? Is it necessary?

The blades and hammers belong to the consumable materials, how many quantities can you equip along with the machine?

Shall I choose the machine color?

Of course, the customer from Malasiya also asked other questions about this wood crusher machine. Our sales manager answered him very detailly and patiently until the customer understood all. If you are interested in this wood machine, welcome to contact us for more details!

How did the Malaysia customer place the order?

After the purchase is confirmed, two situations arise. One is the machine is in stock and the other is that the machine needs to be produced. These two situations are different when you place an order.

Machine in stock

After confirming the details with you one by one, we also take pictures to confirm with you. When the machine is intact and meets your requirements, you need to place an order and transfer full payment. After receiving the payment, we will immediately arrange delivery.

Wood crusher machine in stock
wood crusher machine in stock

Machine ready to manufacture

Before the production of the machine, you need to place an order and pay a deposit (deposit varies according to the machine, generally speaking, 20% deposit). After receiving the deposit, we will start production. During this period, we will communicate with you in a timely manner about the progress of the machine production. After the production is completed, you pay the balance. After receiving the payment, we will arrange the shipment immediately.