In April 2023, a client from Brazil bought a 1000kg/h (SL-600) hammer mill machine from Shuliy Machinery.

This customer from Brazil decided to buy this 9FQ hammer mill in order to crush raw materials such as coconut shells and coconut fiber into small particles that could be used to make wooden pallets.

Why did the Brazilian client buy the hammer mill machine?

It is because of the advantages of the hammer mill such as its simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency, and suitability for processing wood raw materials of various hardnesses.

In addition, the hammer mill machine can crush the raw materials into the required particle size and separate the qualified granular materials through the screen. These features make the 9FQ grinder ideal for processing hard raw materials such as coconut shells and coconut fiber.

Why did this customer buy the machine for the wood pallet line in batches? What are the advantages of doing so?

Although the hammer mill is ideal for processing raw materials such as coconut shells and coconut fiber, the cost of a one-time purchase was too high for the customer from Brazil, so he decided to buy the machine in batches.

Buying machines in batches allows this customer to expand his production capacity gradually, according to his needs and budget. In addition, buying in batches allows the customer to better understand the performance and effectiveness of the equipment so that he can make more informed decisions on subsequent purchases and use.

SL-600 hammer mill machine for the client from Brazil

Sl-600 hammer mill pi
SL-600 hammer mill PI

Because of the customer’s demand, we write all the specific details of the machine clearly, which can be understood at a glance through the invoice.

Video of hammer mill machine to crush the coconut shells