Here we’re thrilled to share that one Malta client purchased a wood hammer mill and a wood plate shredder in July 2023. These two machines were purchased with the aim of achieving efficient shredding and fine crushing of wood for better utilization of wood resources.

Why buy the wood hammer mill and wood shredder machine?

In order to realize the fine crushing of wood, this one chose to purchase a hammer mill. With its high-speed rotating hammer, this machine is able to pulverize wood into fine crushed pieces. The main advantage of the hammer mill is its ability to process wood of all hardnesses and sizes, including tree trunks, boards and wooden furniture. These finely crushed wood shreds can be widely used in paper making, energy production and biomass fields, thus realizing the efficient use of wood resources.

In addition, in order to better deal with large pieces of wood such as wooden boards, this customer also purchased a wood pallet shredder. The wood board shredder can shred large boards into small pieces for subsequent processing and reuse. This machine is highly efficient in breaking down large pieces of wood into sizes suitable for other production processes, such as the production of pellet boards, fiber boards and woodchip fuel.

Machine list for Malta

Machine list for malta
machine list for Malta


  • 600 model twin shaft shredder; motor soft start; plus inverter.
  • The 6m conveyor has the same appearance as the picture style; plus a frequency converter.
  • Iron removal equipment is required.
  • 500 model hammer crusher; plus frequency converter.
  • Motor should be soft start.
  • Voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3-phase electricity.
  • CE certificate.