In April this year, a customer from South Korea ordered an SL-370 log debarker machine from Shuliy Machinery. Our wood peeling machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and stable performance, which meets the needs of this customer, so this customer placed an order with us.

Our wood debarker machine can be customized according to the size of the wood to be processed by the customer so that the machine completely fits the needs of the customer. The Korean customer wanted to process wood from 10-35cm, and our wood machines fit the demand.

Why did this Korean customer place the order for the log debarker machine within 3 days?

In fact, from the beginning of the customer’s inquiry to the customer placing an order, this process is very fast, summarized mainly because of the following factors:

Meet the customer’s needs: can handle the wood that the Korean customer wants to handle

Timely answer customer questions: to help customers better understand our products

After-sales service: to ensure that the customer’s follow-up use and good cooperation

Of course not only the above reasons but also the rich export experience, the trustworthy brand, etc. In short, if you need, welcome to contact us for more information!

How to pack the wood debarking machine for delivery to Korea by sea?

After the production of the log debarker machine is finished, we have to deliver the product to the customer’s destination. In general, we will carry out the wooden box packaging to prevent moisture and mold as well as a collision during sea transport.

List of the log debarker machine sent to Korea

Sl-370 wood debarker pi for korea
SL-370 wood debarker PI for Korea

Note: The voltage of the machine should be the voltage of the customer’s place of use: 380v, 60hz, 3-phase power.

Testing video of the wood log debarker machine for Korean client