A customer in Pakistan recently purchased a Shuliy debarking machine for sale. The machine model is SL-370, with a power of 11kw + 2.2kw, and a voltage of 380V 50Hz, suitable for processing wood raw material between 10-35cm in diameter. The dimensions of the wood peeling machine are 2.3 meters long, 1.25 meters wide, 1.9 meters high, and the weight reaches 1700 kg. The customer chose the Shuliy wood peeler for his own wood processing needs.

Debarking machine for sale
debarking machine for sale

Requirements for the debarking machine for sale

The Pakistani customer’s main requirement for the wood debarking machine is to improve wood processing efficiency and reduce labor costs. He operates a wood processing plant that handles raw wood from local sources.

In the past, the wood debarking work was inefficient and costly as it was mainly done manually. With the increasing demand for wood, the customer urgently needs an efficient debarking machine for sale to meet the production demand and reduce the production cost.

Shuliy wood debarker machine meets the Pakistan requirements

Efficient performance and adaptability to meet customer needs, and details are below:

Wood debarker machineModel: SL-370
Power:11kw+2.2 kw
Voltage: 380 v, 50 hz,  3phase
Suitable for the wood log diameter:10-35cm
Dimension:2 .3*1 .25*1 .9m
Weight: 1700kg
1 pc
machine for Pakistan

Firstly, its high power design of 11kw+2.2kw ensures a strong debarking capacity and can efficiently process the wood raw material with a diameter of 10-35cm

Secondly, the 380V voltage and 50Hz frequency allow the machine to operate stably under Pakistani grid conditions without additional electrical utility modifications.

In addition, the compact dimensions of 2.3 meters long, 1.25 meters wide and 1.9 meters high of the Shuliy debarking machine for sale make them suitable for operation in limited space, which is ideal for the customer’s workplace.

Besides, Shuliy is also known for its exceptional quality and reliability. As a well-known brand, Shuliy has extensive experience and expertise in the wood processing equipment manufacturing industry. The customer’s choice of Shuliy also reflects his trust and recognition of the brand.

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