Shuliy debarking machine for wood is a piece of equipment used to treat the surface of the wood and it can debark many types of trees.

If you are in the woodworking industry, then you must know the importance of a wood debarking machine as it can help you to treat wood surfaces more efficiently.

Applications of Shuliy debarking machine

The wood barking machine can be used to bark a variety of trees, but the specific types of wood and the effect may vary depending on the machine’s model. In general, Shuliy wood peeling machine can be used to peel the following types of wood:

Hardwoods: e.g. oak, walnut, maple, teak, beech, etc.

Softwood: such as pine, spruce, birch, leather oak, etc.

Bamboo: moso bamboo, dandelion bamboo, yellow bamboo, green bamboo, etc.

How does the wood debarker machine work?

In conclusion, the wood peeling machine is indispensable equipment in the woodworking industry, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of wood surface treatment, making the woodworking industry more convenient and efficient.