In June 2023, our Spanish client bought one SL-370 log peeler machine for wood processing. The deal process is very quick. After confirming his wood debarker model, he made a prompt payment.

Log peeler machine
log peeler machine

Why did the Spanish client buy this log peeler machine so fast?

The customer from Spain quickly contacted us to express his interest in the Model 370 wood peeling machine. After detailed communication and understanding, the customer confirmed the model of the machine and determined its suitability for his needs.

Electric wood peeling machine
electric wood peeling machine

The whole negotiation process was very fast and efficient. Our sales manager, Beco, provided this customer with professional advice and recommendations and answered his questions. Such as how the machine works, the packaging of the machine, etc. The customer was satisfied with the performance and function of the log peeler machine after reading it and decided to buy it immediately.

Reference to the wood peeling machine for Spain

Wood peeling machine pi
wood peeling machine PI

Notes to the wood peeling machine:

  1. Payment terms: 100% T/T.
  2. Warranty period: 12 months.
  3. The proforma invoice should be written in Spanish.