We are very pleased to announce that in May 2023, a dealer in Guadeloupe has once again chosen to purchase a large quantity of pellet mill machine. This purchase is another recognition of the quality of our feed pellet machines and services, and we are honored by the trust and support of our customers.

Why did this customer purchase the pellet mill machine in large quantities?

As a distributor, the customer understood the market demand and saw a potential business opportunity for a flat die pellet mill. Therefore, he decided to buy a large number of pellet mills again to meet the demand of the local market. This is good proof of the recognition and competitiveness of our products in the Guadeloupe market.

This bulk purchase is not only an order, but also the beginning of a long-term relationship between us and the Guadeloupe distributor. We will maintain close cooperation with our customers, providing timely technical support, training and after-sales service to ensure they can make smooth sales and meet their needs.

Pellet mills PI for Guadeloupe

Pellet mill machine pi
pellet mill machine PI