Our biomass pellets production lines are mainly wood pellet production efficiently and can be used in various industries. Such a pellet line is not only efficient but can also meet the customer’s large-scale production, laying a good foundation for subsequent expansion of the customer’s production scale.

Why did the Indonesian customer start this business?

This Indonesian customer is involved in a related industry that produces a lot of sawdust, wood chips, etc. every day, so he wanted to be able to reuse these materials to produce benefits again.

Furthermore, this customer also understands that wood pellets are very widely used in the market. Therefore, he started looking online for a relevant wood chip pellet mill or wood pellet production line.

5t/hour wood pellet production line
5t/hour wood pellet production line

How to install the biomass pellets production line in Indonesia?

After the delivery of our biomass pellet production line, this Indonesian customer received them and started the installation. The site has to be large enough for the whole line to be placed. In addition, an installation manual is included to help the customer with the installation. There is also a video support connection, etc. Until the machine is successfully installed and ready for normal use. The picture below shows the successful installation of the wood pellet production line in Indonesia.

Biomass pellets production line to indonesia
biomass pellets production line in Indonesia

What is the biomass pellets price?

The price of our biomass pellets is influenced by various aspects. This Indonesian customer prices his biomass pellets according to market conditions. Now that winter is approaching and with the changes in the international market, this Indonesian customer has made a fortune in the business of selling biomass pellets.

Biomass wood pellets
biomass wood pellets