At an important event recently, we were honored to receive a team of customers from Southeast Asia, who made a special visit to learn more about our pressed wood pallet machine factory and products.

Site visit and demonstration of strengths

The customer team went deep inside the factory of Shuliy pressed wood pallet machines and had a comprehensive tour of our production line, quality control area and R&D department. Through this visit, they had a visual and in-depth understanding of our production equipment, process and quality control.

Pressed wood pallet machine factory visit
pressed wood pallet machine factory visit

In the production hall, we gave our customers a live demonstration of the efficient operation of our wooden pallet machine. They witnessed how the wood was precisely cut and assembled into high-quality wooden pallets in a short period of time, and highly appreciated the performance of our equipment.

Technical exchanges and cooperation intention about pressed wood pallet machine

During the visit, both parties had an in-depth exchange on the technical characteristics, operation convenience and maintenance of the molded wood pallet machine. Our engineers answered all kinds of questions raised by customers in detail, which demonstrated the professionalism of Shuliy in the field of wooden pallet machine manufacturing.

Learn more about compressed wooden pallet machine
learn more about compressed wooden pallet machine

After inspecting the strength of our wood pallet machine factory, Southeast Asian customers expressed their strong willingness to cooperate with us in the future. They believe that our products not only meet the wood pallet market demand, but also have significant advantages in quality and efficiency, and look forward to establishing long-term cooperation with us in the future.