With the continuous development of the logistics and transport industry, the demand for wooden pallets is on the rise driving the growth of the wooden pallet processing industry.

In line with the changes in the logistics market, wooden pallets are processed in a variety of styles, and the technology for processing wooden pallets is constantly being improved. So, how can you make a profit in the wood pallet field? Read below for your reference.

Wooden pallets market situation – the first thing you need to know

Various wood pallets
various wood pallets

1. Growth in demand. Now with the opening of the world’s countries, the logistics between various countries will also be more smooth. And a big use of wooden pallets is in logistics companies, made into wooden boxes to pack goods, or directly as a load-bearing pier to carry goods, to facilitate the operation of forklift trucks.

2. Raw materials. The raw materials for making wooden pallets are some of the waste from wood processing plants, such as wood chips, shavings, waste wood, etc. The wood processing plant will produce a large amount of waste every day, the secondary use of these things is also a waste to treasure.

Now that the market for wooden pallets has been understood, the next major concern is the profitability of wood pallets.

Profit margins for wooden pallets – most concerns

Wooden pallets
wooden pallets

1. The raw material for wood pallets is waste, which is readily available if you are in the wood industry, and these are cheap in comparison.

2. There is also a correlation with how complete the equipment is. Your cost of buying a whole line and a single machine for wood pallet production is not the same.

3. There is also a relationship between the size of the site and the labor costs of the workers. These are included in the calculation.

All of the above factors can have an impact on the profitability of wood pallets. Having understood the above, the next step is how to start investing in the production of wood pallets

Start a wooden pallet business – purchase the wood pallet making machine or line

We Shuliy have both stand-alone machines and production lines for you to choose from when you decide to purchase machinery related to the production of wood pallets. Our sales manager also gives reasonable advice. For details please refer to the following.

Wooden pallet production line

Compressed wooden pallet making machine