The wood saw mill machine functions to saw the wood into the quality and exquisite wood board, for furniture uses, sale, and other usages. In the world, there are almost woods everywhere. Thus, this sawmill machine is widely used in the wood industry. In March this year, one customer from Morocco purchased one automatic saw mill machine from Shuliy machinery.

What equipment did the Morocco customer buy?

The Morocco customer runs local sawmill lumber. He wanted to buy related wood machines to boost his wood business, such as the tree bark removal peeling machine, sawmill wood cutting machine, wood shavings making machine, etc. After going through our website, he wanted to ask about the saw mill machine for sale first and then decided which machine to buy.

So, our sales manager sent the relevant information, including machine types, machine photos, machine configuration, etc. The Morocco customer overviewed these and made up his mind to buy this type of saw mill machine.

Log sawmill
log sawmill

Strengths of this commercial saw mill machine bought by the Morocco Client

  1. Copper core motor, strong power and fast speed, long service life.
  2. Control panel, simple labeling, convenient and fast, efficient and labor-saving.
  3. Alloy saw blade, using professional saw blades, sharp and fast, more durable.
  4. Cast iron gear, special workpiece, safe and wear-resistant, reasonable contact point.
Automatic saw mill machine to mocorro
automatic saw mill machine to Mocorro

What are the advantages of choosing this saw mill machine manufacturer?

  1. Provide professional and efficient service. When customers make inquiries, our sales staff can answer them quickly and effectively, saving time and solving problems quickly.
  2. Sample testing service. When you have questions about whether this machine can produce the right product, you can send us back your samples. We use the sample for testing to see if the product produced by our machine meets your expectations.
  3. Attentive after-sales service. Shuli Machinery adheres to this customer’s needs for the purpose, whether it is pre-sales or after-sales, we will be ready to help you solve your problems.

Why did the Morocco customer trust us so quickly and buy the saw mill machine?

Wood sawmill machine in stock

Such as this Mocorro customer, before buying the saw mill machine, actually raised a lot of worries, such as the machine model, saw blade size, etc. In addition, he was also worried that the finished product did not meet his expectations, and we also went to the factory to give him a trial run. And the whole process was video-linked.

After the video, the Mocorro customer was very satisfied with our machine. He also told us that he was very comfortable giving us the machine for production. This customer said that we not only provide considerate service but also solve problems promptly and effectively. He likes working with us very much.