With the growth of the wood processing industry, more and more companies and self-employed people are looking for efficient log debarking solutions.

As one of the log peeling machine manufacturers, Shuliy has been leading the way in this field. Let’s take a look at how Shuliy log peeler stands out from the rest of the manufacturers.

Log peeling machine manufacturers
log peeling machine manufacturers

Efficient log peeling machine manufacturer

Shuliy Machinery is known for its exceptional log debarking machines, making it a leader among many log peeling machine manufacturers. Our log debarking machines are efficient, fast, and precise, and can quickly strip logs of their outer bark, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.

Innovative technology and design

Our wood log debarking machines utilize the latest innovative technology and careful design to ensure an efficient debarking process. We are constantly investing in research and development to improve our equipment to meet the growing needs of our customers. Shuliy’s log peelers increase productivity while ensuring wood quality and operational safety.

Reliable after-sales service

As a professional log skinner manufacturer, Shuli is committed to providing customers with the most reliable after-sales service. We have a professional after-sales team that is always ready to solve any problems of our customers and provide timely technical support and maintenance services to ensure that our customers can make full use of our equipment and maximize their production.


As a log peeling machine manufacturer, Shuliy always adheres to the principles of high quality, high efficiency and reliability, and constantly strives to provide better products and services.

Debarking machine for sale
debarking machine for sale

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