Shuliy wood peeler has great functions to peel various wood, such as acacia wood, sycamore wood, etc. The wood debarker machine has good performance with a high peeling rate and quick working efficiency. Thus, it’s very popular all over the world. In September this year, one customer from Ukraine ordered an SL-320 wood peeling machine from Shuliy.

Why did the Ukrainian user order a wood peeler machine?

Wood peeler
wood peeler

Shuliy Machinery’s wood peeling machine not only has a good peeling effect but also has a fast peeling speed, which is loved by the wood industry circle. Our wood log debarker machine has been exported to Ukraine, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, the United States, and other countries. The Ukrainian customer, as a customer who wants to buy wood peeling equipment, saw that our machine not only has good quality, and also has been exported many times, and understood that the quality of the machine must be guaranteed. So he sent us an inquiry about the machine.

Our sales manager Linda recommended the information about the wood peeler for sale to him according to his needs. After reading the information about the machine, he was very interested in the vertical one. And based on the diameter of the wood he wanted to process and Linda’s recommendation, he decided to purchase the SL-320 model. Besides, he was worried about the blades and wanted to buy more sets. Finally, the Ukrainian customer ordered a wood peeler and 4 sets of blades from us.

Wood peeler parameters ordered by the Ukraine customer

Wood log debarkerModel: SL-320
Capacity: 10 meters per minute
Power: 7.5+2 .2 kw
Suitable wood diameter: 100-300 mm
Machine size: 2250*1220*1600 mm
Package weight: 1400 kg
1 set
BladeA set of four blades3 sets