Shuliy’s wood peeler machine is an important machine for wood processing and plays a very important role in the wood processing process. Especially for those who are engaged in various wood processing businesses. In December this year, a customer from Croatia ordered a model-250 wood peeling machine from us.

Basic information about the Croatian client

This Croatian customer has his own factory and is in the wood timber business. Therefore, he purchased the wood peeler machine for his own use. He uses the wood debarking machine for various logs and wants peeled wood for secondary processing.

This Croatian customer wants to finally produce square timber and then sell it in good quality, finally making profits.

Which point was most important to this Croatian customer when buying the wood peeler machine?

CE certificate, this customer was most concerned about this one. This is because the CE certificate is required for machines imported from the customer’s country. But our CE certificate had expired and we needed to make a new one.

Wood peeler machine
wood peeler machine

After our mutual agreement, we made a new CE certificate for the wood peeling machine, and the CE mark was also shown on the machine nameplate. it’s solved perfectly.

Reference to the machine parameters ordered by the Croatian client

Wood log debarker
Wood log peeling machine
Model: SL-250
Motor: 7.5 kw+2.2 kw
Feeding max diameter: 25 cm
Feeding mix diameter: 5 cm
Package size: 2320*1700*1250mm
Weight: 1410kg
4pcs blades
1 set
Spare part—blade
250 model machine a set of blades includes 4 blades2 sets

Notes to Shuliy wood peeler machine:

  1. The machine voltage is 380V, 50HZ, 3-phase electricity.
  2. The “CE” sign should be labeled on the machine.
  3. The delivery time is 7-10 days, and the shipping time is 46-50 days.
  4. The warranty period of the wood debarker machine is 12 months.