The wood pellet machine for sale has great performance to use raw materials, like rice husks, corn stalks, wood chips, wood shavings, and others to make them into wood pellets. The pellets can be used as livestock feed, fuel for power plants, home heating, and industrial uses.

Why did the Indonesian customer purchase this wood pellet machine for sale?

The Indonesian customer himself is engaged in various import and export trade, covering all aspects of the industry, including charcoal, biomass particles, and various wood machines. Now winter is coming, the export business situation of biomass pellets is very good.

Also, according to the international situation, European countries should urgently need various biomass pellets. Therefore, this Indonesian customer wants to prepare enough biomass particles. And the wood pellet making machine should be ready for this business.

Wood pellet machine for sale
wood pellet machine for sale

Profits of buying Shuliy wood pellet making machine

For this customer, according to the current market needs, buying such a sawdust granulator will not only expand the scale of his own business but also just make a big profit during this period.

Now, biomass pellets are widely used, not only for household heating in winter, and power generation in power plants but also for poultry feed and industrial fuel. There will be income throughout the year.

How about the wood pellet machine price?

Shuliy wood pellet machine price is affected by various factors, such as machine capacity, machine power, delivery distance, machine collocation, etc. And our professional sales manager will recommend the most suitable wood pellet machine for sale to you according to your actual needs.

Biomass pellet making machine manufacturer
biomass pellet making machine manufacturer