We recently received an inquiry from a customer from Rwanda who wanted to purchase a wood pellet making machine for wood pellet pelletizing and also needed a wood shredder for crushing the raw material. We are very pleased to be able to provide this customer with the required equipment and to start a cooperative relationship.

What are the raw materials sources and needs of this Rwandan customer?

This customer is engaged in the local wood processing industry and the production process produces a large amount of waste wood, which he wants to convert into wood chip pellets for biomass energy.

Therefore, he needs an efficient and stable wood pellet making machine for pellet production and a wood crusher to crush the raw materials.

Wood pellet making machine selection and solution offering

After an in-depth communication with the customer, our manager Tina recommended a wood pellet mill suitable for his needs and provided a detailed description of the equipment and a quotation.

At the same time, Tina also customized a wood crusher for the customer according to his production volume and raw material characteristics, and provided a feasibility plan.

The customer was very satisfied with our service and equipment and then proceeded with the ordering and deposit payment process. We arrange production and delivery in a timely manner according to the customer’s requirements, and keep communication with the customer open to solve any problems and questions in a timely manner.

Machine list for the client from Rwanda


  1. One year’s warranty;
  2. Delivery time: 25-30 days.