Wood pellet making machine

Rwandan customer bought wood pellet making machine and wood crusher

We recently received an inquiry from a customer from Rwanda who wanted to purchase a wood pellet making machine for wood pellet pelletizing and also needed a wood shredder for....

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Hammer mill machine

1000kg/h hammer mill machine sold to Brazil

In April 2023, a client from Brazil bought a 1000kg/h (SL-600) hammer mill machine from Shuliy Machinery. hammer mill machine coconut shells coconut fiber This customer from Brazil decided to....

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Wood log debarker machine

SL-370 log debarker machine sold to Korea

In April this year, a customer from South Korea ordered an SL-370 log debarker machine from Shuliy Machinery. Our wood peeling machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and stable....

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Wood shaving maker

SL-1500 wood shaving maker sold to Jamaica

In late March 2023, our company, Shuliy Machinery, had the pleasure of supplying a customer from Jamaica with a large 1500 wood shaving maker in diesel style for building nests....

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Wooden block making machine

Wooden block making machine sold to Spain

In March 2023, we, Shuliy, successfully contracted with a Spanish customer to supply him with a high-quality wooden block making machine and a mixer. wood scraps pressed wooden blocks The....

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Feed pellet machine

SL-300 feed pellet machine sold to Saudi Arabia for the third time

Congratulations! This customer from Saudi Arabia is buying the feed pellet machine and other machinery from us for the third time. This customer has his own company and carries out....

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Sliding log sawmill machine

SL-400 log sawmill machine and debarker sold to Yemen

Breaking news! One client from Yemen ordered 1 set of the sliding log sawmill machine and 1 set of wood debarker for his own usage. In addition, the customer also....

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Wood crushing machine

300-500kg/h wood crushing machine ordered by a Latin American client

Good news! In March 2023, we shipped an SL-420 wood crushing machine to the port of Qingdao, China. The wood shredder machine was purchased by a customer from Latin America....

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Wood shredder

SL-500 wood shredder sold to the UK

At the end of February 2023, a customer from the UK ordered from us a wood shredder with an output of 500-600 kg per hour, together with accessories (screens and....

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Wood shaving mill

SL-600 wood shaving mill bought by a UAE client

The wood shaving mill is specifically for producing high-quality wood shavings for animal bedding, with features of adjustable shavings thickness, various machine models, and wide applications. And at the beginning....

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