Wooden pallet blocks produced by the wood sawdust pallet block making machine are an environmentally friendly and sustainable construction material that is gradually becoming more and more popular.

However, the specification and size of wooden pallet blocks are important factors that users must consider, as they are directly related to the use effect and cost-effectiveness of the block.

Specifications and sizes of wooden pallet blocks

For manufacturers, the size and dimensions of the pallet wood blocks need to be selected taking into account market demand and machine capacity.

For Shuliy’s sawdust wood block hot pressing machine, the block sizes can be divided into conventional blocks and European standard blocks.

Common wooden pallet blocks: 80*80mm, 90*90mm, 100*100mm(height is 2-3mm).

European standard blocks: 145*145mm, 145*100mm, etc(height is >3mm).

One more thing should attention that the wood block can be customized, the blocks are with/without a hole.

Machine/production line for pallet wood blocks production

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How does the wooden pallet block making machine work?