Shuliy sawdust block machine is a special machine for making wood blocks for commercial use. In addition, it is also a wood recycling machine, using wood waste as raw material, which can be turned into treasure. In August this year, we exported the sawdust wood block machine and other related machines to Ecuador.

Basic information of the Ecuadorian customer

This Ecuadorian customer has his own factory, which produces various kinds of wood, and also produces wooden pallets. And he said his factory always provides sawdust from kiln-dried wood. So he wants to buy a sawdust block machine to produce blocks for commercial use. He wants to use it for the banana pallets.

Various sawdust
various sawdust

Details of the sawdust block machine ordered by the Ecuadorian customer

At the very beginning of the communication, the customer expressed his needs which were the sawdust block machine, mixer, and cutter machine. Besides, he required that the block had the hols in the middle, and the block height was 90mm.

According to his request, our sales manager Crystal recommended to him relevant information about machine quotation etc. After receiving this information, the Ecuadorian customer said he would read through it carefully.

After that, he sent photos of his factory to show the size of his business so that Crystal could better recommend the right machine to him. So, based on this information, Crystal recommended him a more accurate machine.

Finally, he placed the order about the sawdust block machine, mixer, wood shredder, etc.

Doubts on the sawdust block machine for sale put forward during communication

Q1: How to confirm the block length and width?

Block processing size

A1: Crystal explained that the pallet block machine could determine the product length and width.

Q2: How do I treat sawdust with a moisture content of 10%-12%?

A2: Because the sawdust used in the Shuliy machine’s block machine needs to be below 10%, according to this customer’s actual situation, Crystal recommends buying a dryer.

Q3: How much sawdust in weight does this machine consume in one hour?

A3: One wood block machine can produce 4-5m³ wood blocks per day, about 2500kg sawdust per day.

Machine parameters purchased by the customer

S/NMachine nameSpecificationsQuantity
1Wood  branches chipperModel: 380
Horsepower: 32HP
Roller diameter: 300mm
Feeding inlet size: 300*200mm
Max wood’s diameter: 10cm
Capacity: 1t per hour
Machine dimension: 2300*1300*1800mm
Function: crush wood branches and small logs into wood chips
1 set
2Hammer mill machineModel: SL-600
Power: 30kW
Capacity: 700-800kg per hour
Including 5 bags of dust removal
Including air-lock
Including control cabinet
Including cyclone
Function: crush wood chips into sawdust less than 1cm
1 set
3Belt conveyorPower: 3kW
Length: 5m
1 pc
4Rotary screenPower: 1.5kW
Dimension: 2.3*1.2m
Diameter: 900mm
1 pc
5Screw conveyorPower: 4kw
Length: 6m
1 pc
6Rotary dryer machineModel: SL-800
Power: 3kW
Fan power: 5.5kW
Capacity: 500-600kg/h
Length of drum: 8m
Diameter: 0.8m
Thickness:8 mm
(depends on the moisture of sawdust)
1 set
7Screw conveyorPower: 3kW
Length: 4m
1 pc
8MixerPower: 11kW
Diameter: 1.2m
Dimension: 1600*1000*1400mm
Capacity: 1500kg per hour
Need to add 20% Urea formaldehyde resin glue Function: mix sawdust with glue
1 set
9Block machineCapacity: 4-5 m³/24h
Temperature control method: PID power regulation and voltage regulation control
Dimension: 4800*760*1300mm
Weight: 1200kg
Including two Manual cutter Final size:100*90mm
1 set
10Automatic cutting machinePower: 5.5kW
Weight: 350kg
Saw blade diameter: 355mm
1 set