The wood debarker manufacturer is to produce the high-quality wood peeling machine for sale. As the name suggests, a wood debarking machine is a machine that strips off the bark of a tree and lays the foundation for the subsequent treatment of the wood. At Shuliy Machinery, there are two kinds of wood peeling machines for sale. It features a wide range of trees and logs that can be barked efficiently and cleanly. Now there are a lot of manufacturers selling these machines on the market, when you buy this machine, you should choose a good wood debarker manufacturer. Here are a few suggestions for you, hope it’s helpful to you.

The wood debarker quality

When choosing the wood debarker manufacturer, the machine quality is the first place. Because if the quality of the machine is not up to standards, buying more expensive or cheaper will not work. Since you purchase the machine, certainly you hope to bring your own output and profit. The wood peeling machine from Shuliy machinery is produced through a strict quality control system. During the whole production process, we can see the data records. In addition, our machines have various certificates, such as CE, ISO, etc. All these can guarantee the quality of our wood machines.

The log debarker price

The price of the machine is also another factor that we should consider when choosing a wood debarker manufacturer. In fact, when we buy something our hearts are the same, and we hope that they can choose a cost-effective product. And now there are many producers in the market, the price is also uneven. So during the purchase, carefully compare, and choose the best within your ability. Shuliy machinery, as an industrial and trade company, in terms of machine prices, has an advantage over others. So if you want to buy the machine, please contact us, we will definitely give you the best price.

Peeling blades of the wood debarker manufacturer
peeling blades

Manufacturer reputation

As the professional and leading wood debarker manufacturer, we have occupied an important position in the wood industry. Besides, our wood machines, not only wood log debarker, also the wood chipper, saw mill, wood shaving machine, wood crusher, etc. are welcomed all over the world. And our customers send good feedback, which helps us gain a great reputation. You can choose Shuliy machinery with peace of mind.

Customer feedback
customer feedback

Services provided

Shuliy machinery not only provides online service, video support, and manual support but also considerate after-sales service. And with our staff’s professional knowledge, we provide 24-hour service and can help you solve the problems you encounter at any time. Being an excellent wood debarker manufacturer, we put forward the mission of “anxious to help our customers solve their problems in a timely manner”.

Advantages of the wood log debarker machine

  • Crush a variety of types and a wide range of applications.
  • High output, low energy consumption, simple operation.
  • Save manual labor, for the large wood peeling machine, use the loader machine.
  • The industrial wood flaking machine uses the chain conveyor, to reduce the conveyor belt replacement trouble.
  • It can change the size of the production piece as needed.
Electric motor equipped wood debarker
electric motor equipped wood debarker