Good news! In March 2023, we shipped an SL-420 wood crushing machine to the port of Qingdao, China. The wood shredder machine was purchased by a customer from Latin America and we shipped it immediately after receiving payment.

Quick order about the wood crushing machine placed by the client

Wood crushing machine

This customer was looking for a wood crusher through his agent in China, so it was his agent who found us at Shuliy Machinery through WeChat.

After understanding the customer’s needs, Jasmine sent the wood crushing machine model parameters and a quotation for the customer to choose from. Jasmine said that we had the machine in stock and we could send it to him after he paid for it.

So the customer made full payment for the machine through his agent and we arranged the delivery of the pulverizer machine the day after we received the payment.

Reference to Shuliy wood crushing machine parameters for the Latin American client

Wood crusher machineModel: SL-420
No. of blades:4pcs
Screen size:8mm
Voltage:220V ,60HZ ,3 phase
1 pc

Notes: This customer has an agent in China, so the payment is made in full. Moreover, our wood shredder is in stock and can be shipped immediately after receiving the money.