Shuliy wood crusher machine for sale has the great function to process various wood into different size sawdust upon the machine screens. Sawdust can be the raw materials of wood pellets, charcoal briquettes, etc., and also this sawdust-making machine can turn the waste wood into profit. In November this year, one customer from Australia ordered 1 set of crusher machines from us.

The basic information of the Australian customer

This Australian customer had a lot of short wood of his own that could not be utilized in his current furniture manufacturing. Therefore, he wanted a machine that could process the wood and sell it or use it in furniture making. He was browsing Facebook for machines and came across ours, so he contacted us for more details about the wood crusher machine for sale!

Reasons to buy Shuliy wood crusher machine for sale

Wood crusher machine for sale
wood crusher machine for sale
  1. Shuliy wood crusher machine meets his demands. This Australian customer just wanted a machine for sawdust production and this wood shredder from Shuliy was just what the customer needed.
  2. The price of the machine was within the budget. The Australian customer had a budget to spend on the machine and wanted to buy a cost-effective machine within his budget, and the Shuliy shredder machine fits this profile.
  3. The machine is often exported. This wood crusher machine for sale is often exported overseas and for the Australian customer, this is a hot-selling machine with good quality and a good reputation, making it even more trustworthy.

In summary, this Australian customer quickly purchased the wood shredder from Shuliy.

Reference to the machine and components bought by the Australian client

Crusher machine 
Model: SL-500
Power: 18.5kw
Capacity: 500-600kg per hour
Feeding inlet size:180*160mm, it is suitable for the wood log less than 15 cm
With the screen to produce 10 mm product
Dimension: 1.6*0.7*0.9m
Weight: 450kg 
1 set
Screen 15mm;12mm;6mm;4mm4 pcs
Blade /3 sets